Preparing for exams? We're here for you. Read the sections below for helpful information and resources during exam season.

What You Need to Know About Exams

  • You must bring your student card to write an exam
  • The only calculator you can bring to an exam is a Cassio 991
  • More information on exams can be found on the exams office website

Want to double check your exam schedule?

Preparing for Your Exams

Exams can be a stressful time so we encourage you to take good care of yourself and to utilize resources on campus.

If you are seriously ill on the day of your exam, the Faculty Office recommends that your do not write your exam at that time, because that will be considered a valid attempt and your grade will stand. If you find yourself in this situation, you can make a request for academic consideration using one of the following forms:

  1. Self-Declaration for Brief Absence Form (up to 48 hours)
    You can use the Self-Declaration request form for an illness or other serious extenuating circumstance that is not expected to last more than 48 hours. Your instructors will receive an email from the Faculty Office notifying them of your request. In this case, you could be required to write a deferred examination after the 48 hour absence, if it does not result in 3 consecutive exams within 24 hours.
  2. Short-Term Extenuating Circumstances Form (more than 48 hours, up to 3 months)
    You should use the Academic Consideration for Short-Term Extenuating Circumstances request form (more than 48 hours and up to 3 months) if you are experiencing extenuating circumstances that can be expected to last for more than 48 hours, and no longer than 3 months. In this case, the University requires supporting documentation.  Your instructors will receive an email from the Faculty Office notifying them of your request and verifying receipt of appropriate documentation. Given the volume of requests during the exam period, there may be a delay in the notification.      

Please note that for both types of requests, it is your responsibility to follow up with your instructors to arrange the appropriate consideration. It is up to your instructors, however, to determine the date of the deferred examination, in accordance with their departmental policy on deferred examinations, if applicable. Deferred examinations may be scheduled within 48 hours of the regular exam and up to the end of the subsequent term. Any further extensions based on continued or new extenuating circumstances will require a written appeal to the Associate Dean (Studies).    

Please consult the Protocol for Short-Term Academic Consideration for Students in the Faculty of Arts and Science for more information: https://www.queensu.ca/artsci/accommodations  

If you experience a sudden serious illness during an exam, you must notify an Examination Proctor prior to leaving the examination hall, or prior to exiting the examination session of an online proctored examination. If you decide to continue the exam or leave without notifying a proctor, the examination will be considered a valid attempt, and the grade obtained in the exam will stand.

If your exam was cancelled due to inclement weather

Updated April 16, 2018. 4:15pm EDT

Due to inclement weather, there have been on-campus exam cancellations on Saturday April 14, 7pm and Sunday April 15, 2pm. According to the University Exam Cancellation/ Evacuation policy, if an examination is cancelled, the instructor of the course will have the authority to decide how to deal with the cancellation of the exam and its effect on the course. 

Confirm New Exam Arrangements

If you are affected by an exam that was cancelled, it is your responsibility to check your SOLUS to confirm the new arrangements.

Scheduling conflicts

In the event that your exam has been rescheduled and you are unable to attend because you are no longer in the Kingston area or have conflicting pre-booked travel arrangements, please contact your professor as soon as possible to commit to a deferred exam time. Do not use the Academic Consideration Portal for this circumstance.