Convocation & Graduating

Important 2021-22 Dates and Deadlines

July 15
Application to graduate opens in SOLUS for Fall 2021 graduation. Students should select ‘Summer 2021’ from the drop-down menu. Fall graduation is for students who complete their final courses in the Summer Term.

October 15
Last day to apply to graduate in SOLUS for Fall 2021 graduation.

FALL GRADUATION: November 1 Degree Conferral*

December 1
Application to graduate opens in SOLUS for Spring 2022 graduation. Students should select ‘Winter 2022’ from the drop-down menu. Spring graduation is for students who complete their final courses in the Fall or Winter Term.

December 15
Applications to graduate submitted on or before this date are guaranteed to be reviewed in time for applicants to make adjustments, if necessary, to Winter Term courses prior to the January 21 ADD/DROP deadline. 
April 30
Last date to apply to graduate in SOLUS for Spring 2022 graduation.
SPRING GRADUATION: June 1 Degree Conferral*

*Information will be communicated directly to graduating students if in-person convocation ceremonies are permissible within Public Health guidelines.

In order to be eligible to graduate, students must have completed the total required number of units for the Program:

ProgramRequired Units
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)


Bachelor of Computing (Honours)120.0
Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours)120.0
Bachelor of Music126.0
Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (Honours)120.0
Bachelor of Science (Honours)120.0
Bachelor of Art, Computing, Fine Art, Physical and Health Education and Science (General)90.0

You may only apply to graduate in the Program/Plan in which you are currently registered. If you require a change to your Program and/or Plan, please contact Student Services.

To be considered eligible to graduate, you will need to have met all of the academic requirements for your Program/Plan. You may view your academic advisement report in your Student Services Centre under: My Academics -> Academic Requirements. All shopping cart and planner courses must be removed prior to running the report.

Questions regarding your Plan requirements can be answered by your department(s).

General GPA Requirements to Graduate

To graduate, students must have a minimum GPA on all courses taken at Queen’s (cumulative GPA), as follows:

Cumulative GPADegree Eligibility
1.60 or above3-year degree:
B.A., B.Sc., B.Cmp., B.F.A., B.P.H.E.
1.90 or above4-year Honours degree:
B.A.(Hons.), B.Sc.(Hons.), B.Cmp.(Hons.), B.F.A(Hons.), B.P.H.E.(Hons.), B.Mus.

Specific course requirements for all these degrees remain unchanged.


You must formally "Apply to Graduate" through the Solus Student Centre.

Honour students are assessed by their department(s) to determine their eligibility to graduate. The Faculty Office assesses the three year general degrees and minor degrees.

Information about monitoring your application to graduate

Once you have completed your Application, you will need to monitor your status and include the number of guests you plan to bring by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the “My Academics” link located in the Academics section of your introductory SOLUS profile page
  2. In the Graduation section (3rd box), select the link labeled “Maintain Convocation Details
  3. You should find a page which will outline aspects of your application, including when the scheduled ceremony will take place, and whether your application has been received.
  4. Please verify that the Status of your application is listed as 'Applied' - You will need to return to this utility in May to verify that your status has been updated to 'Approved.'
  5. Between the time you applied and your final approval, your status will change to "In Review" - this simply means that your Faculty / School is aware of your intention to graduate and is reviewing your academic records to see if you have met the prerequisites of your degree. This is a normal process, and at various times, a majority of applicants may fall within this category.
  6. Dropdown menus will allow you to change your attendance status for the ceremony. 
  7. During Spring Convocation, you are required to reserve guest tickets for your guests. Information on specific ticket limits for each ceremony is posted on the Convocation Schedule page located on the University Registrar's website.

Once you have verified that your application has been saved, please continue to check ‘Maintain Convocation Details for:

  • Application status update – your status will be changed from applied to approved once you have successfully completed your degree requirements
  • Learn your ceremony date and time.
  • View (and possibly change) your ceremony attendance information.
  • If attending, order tickets for your guests.

If you are an undergraduate student who has applied to graduate and intends to enroll in a course in a future term, you must contact the Arts and Science faculty office and fill out a Return to Studies Form to be admitted into a post-degree program. You may then enrol in a course under the post-degree program in SOLUS.