Earn Academic Credit with Queen's as a Visiting Student | Arts and Science ONLINE

Earn Academic Credit with Queen's as a Visiting Student

Each academic term, students from universities across Canada and around the world enrol in one or more online courses at Queen’s through Arts and Science Online | Continuing and Distance Studies. Whether you are looking to catch-up or get an academic head start, fulfill a degree requirement or study a topic not currently being offered at your home institution, or if you are simply interested in experiencing Queen’s education, we invite you to explore our online course offerings in the sciences, humanities and social sciences.

In the application process, you are known as a visiting student. To ensure that the credits you earn in a Queen’s online course will fulfill program requirements at your home college or university, you need to request a Letter of Permission from your home institution. This documentation helps you ensure that the course credits you take at Queen’s will be transferable. More information on how to submit a Letter of Permission is provided in the application form.

Visiting students must re-apply for admission each term. Click here to submit an application form. 


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