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Featured FAQ - When enrolling, I get the error "Available seats are reserved for students in other programs..."

Are you trying to register for an online course through SOLUS, but getting an error saying "You are unable to enroll in this class at this time. Available seats are reserved for students in other Programs and/or Plans. Please keep trying as more seats may become available."

If so, that is because all of the remaining seats in these courses are being held for students enrolled in a Distance Career. This restriction will be removed on the first day of the applicable term and you may enrol in these courses at that time, provided there is still space available.

There is no waitlist option for online courses, so be sure to check back in SOLUS. If a space becomes available during the enrolment period or up until the last day to add classes, you can add it to your schedule.

Click here for upcoming dates and deadlines for current students.