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Tips for Success in Online Learning at Queen’s University

Marking the start of Summer Term 2015 at Queen's University, our office held an online webinar on May 4, 2015 for distance students on tips for success in online learning.

Our presenters included Learning Strategies Outreach Coordinator, Caleigh Minshall, Instructional Designer for Online Learning, Wanda Beyer, and one of our distance students, Kevin Vennesland. They shared tips on effective time management and productivity strategies that are particular to online students, as well as an understanding of what online students should expect in terms of workload and class participation.

You can download a free infographic summarizing all the tips and strategies that our presenters shared here (PDF - 1.4 MB). You can also download a contact list of academic support services for distance students at Queen's here (PDF - 248 KB).