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New Online Course Development

The Ontario government has established the Ontario Online Learning Consortium (OOLC) to drive new, high quality online learning opportunities for university and college students across the province.

Queen’s University and Arts and Science Online have enjoyed much success from the establishment of the Shared Online Course Fund (ShOCF), winning more funding opportunities to develop and revise online courses than any other Ontario university. Proposals were rated on the quality—in terms of online course design, effective teaching strategies and ability of the university to support instructors and students in online learning.

Most recently in 2017, Queen's Arts and Science Online was awarded funding for all of the proposals submitted. This will fund the development and launch of five new fully-online certificate programs, three more fully-online courses for the professional Master’s program in Earth and Energy Resources Leadership, and two collaborative research and innovation projects. Last year in 2016, Queen’s saw much success in their proposals, receiving funding for 31 courses. Seventeen of these were submitted by Arts and Science Online. The previous year in 2015, Queen’s was awarded funding for 20 proposals out of the 94 submitted across the Province of Ontario, of which thirteen were submitted by Arts and Science Online. In 2014 - the first year that funding was awarded - Queen’s received funding for 13 out of 67 online course proposals submitted by Ontario’s universities. Twelve of these proposal were submitted by Arts and Science Online.

The Arts and Science Online courses/programs which received funding are listed below:


Funding was granted for the following programs and projects, which will be developed over the next two years:

1. Five fully online certificates (consisting of 19 new online courses) in these strategic areas:

  • Advanced research skills
  • Employment relations
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Global action and engagement 
  • French for professionals

2. Three online courses for the professional Master’s program in Earth and Energy Resources Leadership.

3. Two collaborative research and innovation projects:

  • A Multidisciplinary Team-Based Model and Resources for Faculty Support (led by Brenda Ravenscroft)
  • Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education: Recruiting Future Adult and International Students to Ontario's Online Programs (led by Sidneyeve Matrix).


  • COGS 100: Introduction to Cognitive Science
  • DRAM 303: First Nations Playwrights
  • ENGL 215: Canadian Literature
  • EMPR 220: Conflict Resolution
  • FILM 140: Design Thinking
  • FILM 303: Contemporary World Media
  • GPHY 227: Cities: Geography, Planning and Urban Life
  • HIST 224: Culture and Religion in Canadian Francophone Communities / Culture et religion dans les communautés francophones au Canada.
  • HIST 263: War in the Twentieth Centry: Myths and Realities
  • HIST 270: Contemporary China
  • LIBS 100: Origins and Practices of Liberal Arts
  • MEERL 1: Resource Life Cycle Overview
  • MEERL 4: Resource Leadership
  • MEERL 5: Economic Essentials Part 1
  • MEERL 6: Operating Framework
  • MUTH 201: Sex and Violence in Performance
  • PSYC 221: Cognitive Psychology


  • HIST 260: Canada from the Conquest to the Present
  • BIOL 111: Ecology and the Environment
  • HIST 214: Food in Global History
  • WRIT 125: Fundamentals of Academic Essay Writing
  • ENGL 200: History of Literature in English
  • PSYC 205: Introduction to Comparative Cognition
  • DRAM 211: Introduction to Theatre for Young Audiences
  • MUSC 289: World Music
  • LAW 201: Introduction to Canadian Law
  • MODULE: Information Skills: Strategies for Effective and Efficient use of Information.
  • MODULE: Fundamentals of Clinical Trial Design, Conduct and Analysis.
  • BCHM 218: Molecular Biology
  • PHGY 170: Introduction to Physiology


  • ARTH 120: Art in the West from Antiquity to Modernity
  • HIST 124: Canada and the World
  • DEVS 100: Canada and the “Third World”
  • GNDS 125: Gender, Race and Popular Culture
  • ENGL 100: Introduction to Literary Study
  • SOCY 122: Introduction to Sociology
  • BIOL 102: Introductory Biology of Cells
  • BIOL 103: Introductory Biology of Organisms
  • FILM 240: Media and Popular Culture
  • MUSC 102: Western Music: Napoleon to 9/11
  • ANAT 100: Anatomy of the Human Body
  • PHAR 100: Introductory Pharmacology