Mentor Program

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Arts and Science Online has introduced a peer mentor program, and we’d like you to be a part of it!

What do mentors do?

  • Guide students to identify learning challenges and implement effective learning strategies
  • Provide students with referrals to various personal and academic resources
  • Use their experience as online students to empathize with new online students and build a connection

How do I get a mentor?

  • Email 
  • Our mentor service is first-come first-served, so be sure to email early if you’re interested.

How do I become a mentor?

  • If you are an online student in good academic standing, and you have completed at least 15.0 units of online coursework at Queen’s, you are eligible to be a mentor.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, and take advantage of this great opportunity to connect with fellow students.

Meet Our Mentors

Maria Lalla

Maria Lalla

Greetings! Pleased to meet you my name is Maria. I completed my BA with distinction in History, and a Certificate in Academic Writing. I’m also in my final year of the Bachelor of Education program. Having experienced online studies and being a teacher candidate, I understand both the challenges and successes of being an online student and would love to help other Queen’s students.

Throughout my studies I found challenges at times in knowing how to navigate the available resources Queen’s offered to help me succeed when faced with questions. Navigating through the online distance learning landscape can feel daunting but there is help out there as I experienced. I live in the GTA and my loves include the outdoors, running, and the empowerment learning brings you.

I look forward to assisting you whether you are experiencing difficulties with courses, mental health questions, feeling disconnected from the Queen’s community, or any concern you may need a helping hand with. Always remember anything is possible!

Michael Keo-Khamdhi

I had the good fortune of completing my undergraduate studies with Queen’s University; where I graduated with BA with distinction in Global Development Studies, a Certificate in Global Action and Engagement (where I had the privilege of being in the inaugural cohort) and a Certificate in Law. Professionally, I work in the public sector and have covered various portfolios in Toronto, Ottawa, the Middle East, and Asia. I look forward to assisting with your learning experience! 

Aisling Sampson

Michael Keo-Khamdhi

Hello! My name is Aisling (Ash) and I received my Bachelor in Psychology (with distinction) and Academic Writing Certificate through Queen’s Arts & Science Online in June of 2021. I completed an honours thesis at the University of Waterloo, and I also have a BFA from Toronto Metropolitan University. I’m used to both online and in-person post-secondary learning. I am currently in my first year of a direct-entry PhD in Psychology (specializing in cognitive neuropsychology), at the University of Toronto and the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest. Aside from psychology, my interests lie in history, gardening, cycling and skiing, watching F1, cooking, and music.

As a mature student enjoying a second round of post-secondary education, I find balancing university, work, and family life a rewarding challenge that uses the skills I developed during my first career. Sharing information about the many resources open to Queen’s University distance students and the study or time management techniques that work for me is a highlight of being a Queen’s student. This is my fourth year as a peer mentor. If you have questions about communicating with your TA, how to break down a syllabus, or where to find the extra resources at the library, I’m happy to help.

Blake Clarke

Blake Clarke

My name is Blake Clark; I am in my third year of study within Queens's Bachelor of Psychology program. Once completed, I plan to resume my career in education, fulfilling a different role from my current career, working with disabled children for the past two decades.

My pastimes are anything outdoor activity-based, such as hunting, hiking, and just about anything to get me outside. 

I am an avid motorcycle enthusiast and have owned large touring bikes and sport bikes; I can repair anything with a motor.

I enjoy travel and even rode across Vietnam on a motorcycle with my wife for several months. We have taken our daughter to a dozen countries already, and she is only two.

Finance and real estate investing are also a pastime I am enthusiastic about.

My family and I reside in the sunniest place in Canada, Kelowna, British Columbia. We have relocated from Toronto in search of a more active lifestyle.

I can understand being overwhelmed and provide guidance and motivation for staying on top of distance learning; the right ideas can create a manageable school/life ecosystem!

A pleasure to meet you!

Brittany Chiasson

Brittany Chaisson

Hello! My name is Brittany Chaisson and I reside in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am a 3rd year online Bachelor of Life Sciences student due to graduate summer of 2023!

As a mother, employee and student I know that the commitment to complete a degree of any kind comes with sacrifice. You’ll sometimes fall short and it won’t be easy. What I also know is that the investment in your education and personal growth will be worth it.

For me, being able to get an education from home is a privilege and one I do not take lightly as a mature student, mother and woman. I first attended university upon graduating highschool and at the time was not yet ready for the commitment. Now, 12 years later I am able to make that commitment but as an online student, which enables me to have a healthy life balance and be here for my young children.

I am here as a shoulder and a soundboard for you. I want to listen to your struggles, triumphs and joys and advise you when you ask for it. It is so important to find a community in life that can lift you up and help light the way, this can be that for you! I can’t wait to meet you.

Nicole Wawrzaszek

Nicole Wawrzaszek

Hello! I'm Nicole and I'm currently completing my Bachelor in Psychology through Queens Arts and Science Online. Once completed I plan on following through with grad school to become a clinical psychologist. I'm very interested in how our surroundings and social support affect our mental health. 

I know how challenging it can be returning to university as a mature student after being out of academics for an extended period of time. I've spent most of the last decade managing teams and empowering them to be the best version of themselves at work and in their personal life. I find it incredibly rewarding helping individuals attain their goals of where they want to be and their ideal self! 

In my free time, I can be found outside with my dog, creating my own tea blends, reading, or cooking.

I understand online learning can feel overwhelming at times, but there are tools to help you and resources to make sure you feel fully supported. I look forward to assisting you in your learning experience here.

Leila Harwood

Leila Harwood

Hi! My name is Leila, I live in midtown Toronto and am in my final year of the BA Psychology program graduating in May 2023. In addition to my degree, I also completed my certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity in the summer of 2022. I attended Queen’s in person for undergrad almost 30 years ago (!!) as a chemical engineer but left after two years to pursue a career in graphic design. I am grateful to have the opportunity to complete my degree online while balancing work, motherhood, and family life.  

It was a big adjustment returning to my studies and finding the motivation to learn remotely. I am keen to help other new students navigate the resources available and find ways to make their ASO experience as rewarding as possible.

I look forward to being a part of your learning journey!

Natasha Harris

Natasha Harris

I am currently in my last year of Queens's Bachelor of Psychology program online and have made the Dean’s honour list twice. I am also a comic book artist, writer, and former fashion designer. I have worked with companies such as Disney and ABC Studios and have had my own clothing line for 5 years. After graduation I plan to pursue further education to become an Art Therapist so I may utilize my skills as an artist with therapeutic processes to assist individuals who have difficulty articulating their thoughts and feelings. 

As a daughter of immigrants who is caught between their creative heart and rigid expectations, returning to school as a mature student was not an easy path to take. I understand the obstacles that can come from balancing work, school, and family expectations. My goal as a mentor is to provide guidance and resources for whatever may come your way and it is a privilege to assist you with your academic journey. I look forward to meeting you!  

Trudi-Ann Alleyne

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Darlene Berezuc

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