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Annic Lavertu

Courses taken: 
FILM 260: Digital Media theory and trends

Take a moment to introduce yourself

Originally a business owner of a Communications Firm in Montreal, I live in Kingston now with my family.

What made you decide to pursue online learning?

I was just short of one class to finish my degree in Graphic Design, I completed it, to set an example for my kids.

How did you find the experience using technology to accesses classes?

The online class is excellent, you have flexibility with your time. What I liked the most from the online learning was the online interaction with other students; it was active and fun. This was very different from what I was used to with and it was a surprise for me.

Would you recommend online learning to others? Why/why not?

Yes I would recommend it; very flexible, no waste of time in transport and yes you can ask questions to the teacher direct or through the forum so you may help other students that may have the same question. It’s the best of both worlds really.

Have you had any memorable experiences with us so far that you’d like to share?

I just love the technology. When I was driving back and forth to Montreal I used the iTunesU app on my iphone for the lectures.

All the material that I had to read I would just upload on my phone and get the phone to read it to me as I was gardening or doing other things, so it was not time consuming for me at all and I could listen to it as often as I liked.

What’s your favourite course since you’ve started taking online courses with us?

FILM 260: Digital Media theory and trends. Actually I think everyone should take that class, it opens your mind to the two sides of digital media, the good and the bad and the ethics and consequence of its use. It’s an eye opener.

What surprised you the most about online learning?

Online interaction with other students, I did feel I was part of a group even if I was studying from home

What are your hopes/dreams/ambitions after your courses/program?

I hope I have set an example to my kids by completing my degree.