Balamane Saad | Arts and Science ONLINE

Balamane Saad

Courses taken: 
PHAR 100, PHGY 170, PHAR 270, BCHM 270, MICR 270

What made you decide to pursue online learning?

I wanted to study online to have the opportunity to chase my dream of become a doctor. I found out about the possibility to study at Queen's university online without having to be on campus and I loved it. It allows me to study at any time I want following my work schedule.

Would you recommend online learning to others? Why/why not?

I certainly would recommend Queen's University to anyone and especially to Mature students who have dreams and want to accomplish them starting from scratch. I had the opportunity to go from an Interest student taking only 1 class (3.0 credits) in the Summer 2016 to now 3 classes after only 2 semesters. If you are self-disciplined and willing to learn and spend the energy to reach your goal, then the answer is online learning!

What surprised you the most about online learning?

What surprised me is the convenience it gave me as a mature student. I don't have to be in a classroom to learn and all is done online.

What are your hopes/dreams/ambitions after your courses/program?

I want to apply to MD/PhD program here at Queen's university after I finish my 90 credits.