Brittany Lovelock | Arts and Science ONLINE

Brittany Lovelock

Courses taken: 
FILM 240, 260, FREN P16, P17, MUSC 171, PHAR 100, WRIT 125. SOC 122A and SOC 122N

Take a moment to introduce yourself – what you do/where you live/family/how long have you been working, etc.?

I am a Program Manager for the Certificate in Business at Queen’s University. I’ve worked at Queen’s for eight years. I live in Kingston and have throughout my life. This past Summer was a very big milestone for me. I bought my first house and got married. We now have a puppy and cat and we feel that our little family is complete...for now.

What made you decide to pursue online learning?

I decided to pursue my online learning as I want to advance my career here at Queen’s and having an education would be beneficial for my advancement. Online courses help me manage my time at work and at home.

How did you find your first online course/learning experience?

My first online course was WRIT 125 – Effective Writing I. I think this was a great introductory course to university especially since I’ve been away from school for so long. It taught me the basic fundamentals of writing an effective university essay. I would highly recommend this course to Interest Students or Mature Students.

How did you find the experience using technology to accesses classes?

I found accessing my courses online was very simple. It’s nice to be able to work through a course on my own time while working full-time.

What advice would you give to someone starting an online degree?

Time management is everything with online courses. You have to make sure you dedicate enough time each week to stay on track with your course.

Have you had any memorable experiences with us so far that you’d like to share?

I really appreciate the communication with CDS. Everyone is very helpful with helping me with course selection as well as communicating with me about where I’m at in my degree.

What’s your favourite course since you’ve started taking online courses with us?

My favourite course so far has been MUSC 171 – Social History of Popular Music. The professor was fun, engaging and very helpful. I found MUSC 171 very interesting.