Donovan Gopaul | Arts and Science ONLINE

Donovan Gopaul

Degree pursued: 
Religious Studies

Take a moment to introduce yourself

I'm a long-time musician/producer from Toronto who decided to settle in Kingston and buy a home with my wife.

What made you decide to pursue online learning?

The job market is getting extremely competitive, and I needed more education. I also needed the flexibility to set my own hours.

Would you recommend online learning to others? Why/why not?

Yes! Queen's has made on-line learning a fun and rewarding experience.

What advice would you give to someone starting an online degree?

Be disciplined. Read everything you are required to read. Don't fall behind. If you have a day off, treat it like a work day—study for 8 hours.

Have you had any memorable experiences with us so far that you’d like to share?

I did an on-line live tutorial in a music course (MUSC 102- Western Music: Napoleon to 9/11)- that was a cool idea. I have not seen that since.

What surprised you the most about online learning?

That it's better than on-campus studies!

What are your hopes/dreams/ambitions after your courses/program?

To upload myself to the cloud.