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Holly Picard

Courses taken: 

Take a moment to introduce yourself

I work for the Department of National Defence in Kingston and live in Kingston. I have 2 kids who attend Queen’s University currently. I am in the process of finishing my Bachelor of Arts Degree at the Royal Military College of Canada and was looking to supplement my on-line learning experience with courses from other universities over the summer months. Naturally, Queen’s was my number one choice. Not only was I able to participate in a fantastic course, but was also able to earn a full-year credit in just 3 months. Not many post-secondary institutions offer that kind of expediency.

How did you hear about Queen’s online options, and what made you choose Queen’s?

One of my colleagues mentioned that as she was pursuing her degree completion from the Royal Military College of Canada, that she did a double credit course through Queen’s in the summer, and it really assisted in completed her degree requirements in a timely manner.

How did you find the experience using technology to accesses classes?

The experience of using technology to access classes was not new to me, as I have taken a number of on-line courses in the past. However, it is incredibly advantageous to be able to study when I want, where I want, and how I want, with the benefit of portable devices such as tablets and laptops.

Would you recommend online learning to others? Why/why not?

I would absolutely recommend online learning to others. It provides an option for people who work during the day to take some of their spare time to work on career advancement and formal education, without sacrificing current employment during the work day. Online learning is offered in a variety of departments, enabling students with different learning styles to benefit from the use of videos, interactive learning environments and traditional textbooks to make the most of their post-secondary experience.

What are your hopes/dreams/ambitions after your courses/program?

I aspire to move up in the Department of National Defence and become a manager in the next couple of years.