James Daniel Hazlett | Arts and Science ONLINE

James Daniel Hazlett

Degree pursued: 
Interest student, Applying into Hon. BSci economics

What made you decide to pursue online learning?

I have an OSSD now, but not when I applied I just had a few 4U math courses. I saw online learning as a safe and simple side route to becoming a mathematics student.

How did you hear about Queen’s online options, and what made you choose Queen’s?

A high-school teacher actually recommending starting as an interest student. Queens was close and alumni from my family indicated the value of having Queens U on their diplomas.

How did you find your first online course/learning experience?

I picked a tough math course to start. My prof Alan Abelson actually presented it very well. He really helped and took the time to speak to me when I really needed it.

What advice would you give to someone starting an online degree?

Dabble in every subject. I have taken physics, astronomy, philosophy, math, writing, and economics. You only have fun if you try something new. Relax you can enjoy this.

What’s your favourite course since you’ve started taking online courses with us?

Few compare to physics in the nuclear age. Not a science course. No prerequisites on mathematical knowledge necessary. We explored the philosophy where science, and scientific thinking, belongs in the world. I got an A and loved the course.

What surprised you the most about online learning?

Sense of accomplishment. After each semester I thought I was getting somewhere.

What are your hopes/dreams/ambitions after your courses/program?

Actuarial sciences. Actuaries are mathematician trained in money and risk - very important in the insurance industry. My plan is this is one of many stepping stones to get there.