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Mercedes Samuel

Degree pursued: 
Earned BA Global Development Studies, 2018

Take a moment to introduce yourself – what you do/where you live/family/how long have you been working, etc.?

My name is Mercedes Samuel and previously I worked in television and hosted several shows on Rogers TV. I'm in love with technology, business and travelling! I've always had a passion for business and innovative ideas that will change the world for the better. I'm very excited to be a part of the Queen's family and I've already made great friends and have been taught by wonderful professors. All of my courses so far have been online but I make a point of taking my exams on campus and also attending campus events when I have the time.

What made you decide to pursue online learning?

I knew online learning would allow me to continue working my job and save money at the same time. It has allowed me to study from the comfort of my own home without having to spend additional money on commuting and avoid the living expenses that come with being campus.

How did you hear about Queen’s online options, and what made you choose Queen’s?

Queen's has always had such an impressive reputation and I wanted to take advantage of the quality education they offer. I decided that I wanted to apply to Queen's but I was conflicted because I did not want to move and also look for a new job. After researching what post secondary institutions offered online courses I knew immediately when I saw Queen's on the list that I was going to do what I could to make that happen. Queen's has been offering distance education for a very long time and they have an impeccable reputation all over the world. I knew employers would be very impressed and I being an alumni would not only fulfill one of my dreams but also benefit me.

How did you find your first online course/learning experience?

I find the online learning experience to be very similar to a course on campus, which I really enjoy. Online learning in my opinion is much better because you can avoid any distractions when you need to focus but still engage with your peers and profs whenever you would like. I thought I would be learning alone and wouldn’t meet anyone but I was wrong. I’ve made numerous friends who all share my same interests and views. This has been an amazing experience! There are numerous students who I talk with on a daily basis. Sometimes we are discussing our group assignment and other times we're just talking about our day and having a good time catching up. My professors are all very helpful if I have a question or concern and I feel very comfortable asking them for additional help when necessary.

What advice would you give to someone starting an online degree?

Start by making a list of everything you want to get out of your online degree. Write it down and never stray from it because it will keep you on the right path. You need to put in the same amount of effort as a degree on campus but you need to ensure you still leave time to enjoy life. I've made a point of staying in touch with other students and we always find ways to help each other get the most out of our classes. As an online student you are still welcome to take advantage of everything Queen's has to offer, so join a club or attend an event that interests you!