Tammy Flores | Arts and Science ONLINE

Tammy Flores

Degree pursued: 
Bachelor of Arts (Global Development Studies)
Courses taken: 
A Writing course, Devs 100 and Econ 112 so far.

Take a moment to introduce yourself

I am a more experienced student. I have raised 3 boys and worked in a small land development/home building/commercial industrial holdings business for the past 16 years.

What made you decide to pursue online learning?

With the death of my boss, I had to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up because my job would eventually come to an end. I always wanted to get a degree, however, just never had the time to consider it. Queen's online program allows me to work on pursuing a degree, while still working and dealing with family obligations. I can pop into the website at whatever time of the day or night and work on my studies. It's very convenient. It's also been a great example for my boys.

How did you find your first online course/learning experience?

Exciting. I felt like a teenager again. I had been writing for a small community paper and found the writing course enhanced how I produced a piece of writing. I appreciated learning the different genres for writing.

How did you find the experience using technology to access classes?

I have a 17 year old so if I ever had any difficulty I knew I could rely on him, so I wasn't afraid to try. I soon realized that it wasn't as much as a daunting task I thought it might be. As a matter of fact, using technology enhanced my learning. My favorite is when instructors use Youtube videos that help explain complex topics.

Would you recommend online learning to others? Why/why not?

Yes. I know a lot of more experienced people like myself that always wanted to work on or finish their degree, but because they live busy lives feel it's impossible. Online learning is perfect for those kinds of people.

What surprised you the most about online learning?

How technology has made it possible. Professors can record their lectures and make it available online. All of the research and study aids can be uploaded to a website. It really is fascinating. I don't have to be in a building at a specific time. I can wake up at 7 AM and start learning or do it at 10 PM. It's so flexible.

What are your hopes/dreams/ambitions after your courses/program?

Right now I am hoping to pass, but in the future I would like to get more involved in Citizenship and Immigration or NGO's working on corruption issues. I haven't decided 100% yet. I am just enjoying learning the disciplines behind a lot of the work I've done for the past 16 years.