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Learning Activities

If you are an education professional looking for online educational activities to use in your course/s, please check our resources list below. You can download, customize and use the activities for free.

Concept map on philosophical perspectives

Tags: blended learning, online learning, concept map, group work
Delivery method: fully online
Competencies: ability to work in a team, synthesis of theories, apply critical thinking skills
Technology: LMS forum, free concept mind programs, LMS assignment dropbox
Dowloadable file (PDF): concept map on philosophical perspectives
Developed by: Wanda Beyer 

In this group activity learners are required to familiarize themselves with several philosophical approaches which they then have to apply to a chosen subject matter in the form of a mind map and discuss as a group. The activity consists of three stages: initial post, mind map and discussion.

Illustration of a concept map

Peer assessment of group participation

Tags: blended learning, online learning, peer feedback, group work
Delivery method: fully online
Competencies: ability to reflect and evaluate peers’ work, ability to reflect on one's own work, adopting team work standards
Technology: custom development using the open resource Moodle Dataform
Dowloadable file (PDF): peer assessment of group participation
Developed by: Keren Akiva 

This activity complement in-class tutorials in a blended course. In this activity each learner will receive a participation mark for their contribution to the in-class group activities according to certain set of criterions. The mark will be based on a confidential evaluation of the other group members.

The marks of all learner evaluators will be averaged across the different sections to yield a final mark worth a portion of the final mark in the course.


Screen shot of Dataform peer assesment activity

Negotiation activity

Tags: Online learning, role play, negotiation, group work
Delivery method: fully online
Competencies: Negotiation skills, team-building and leadership skills.
Technology: LMS forums; Adobe Connect for live sessions.
Downloadable file (PDF): Negotiation activity
Instructional Designer: Toni Thornton 

An authentic conflict resolution scenario is carried out as a group role play activity via a mix of asynchronous and synchronous interactions followed by an individual reflective paper.


 Group of student negotiating

Illustration image

Role Play

Tags: Online learning, authentic learning, role play
Delivery method: fully online
Competencies: Research skills, team-building, negotiation and critical thinking.
Technology: LMS forums
Dowloadable file (PDF): Role play
Instructional Designer: Debbie Jennings

This role play activity was designed to simulate historical event. Learners choose an event (either factual or fictional) and a role. They are then require to discuss the event with their peers according to their chosen role. Through the role play activity, learners experience how to best handle a situation by practicing interactions and trying out different approaches.


 comedy tragedy masks

Illustration image