Catch Your Breath and Reflect

Catch Your Breath & Reflect

summer flowers

By Aisling Sampson

We are in the pause between exams and final assignments and the start of a new term. Whether you are planning to take the summer off or are hitting the books, take a bit of time to reflect on your term. What three things worked best for your exam preparation? What three things do you want to change for next term? Is there anything you want to stop doing? What was your biggest takeaway from each course? Was there something you wanted to pursue or develop but didn’t have time? Jotting down your thoughts on the term will clarify your experience and serve as a reminder for your next round of study. Did you have a bumpy final few weeks? Reflecting on the entire term can refresh your perspective and renew your energy.

If you are continuing with courses over the summer, try and ensure you are getting some time off before you head back. With work and family responsibilities looming, it can be tempting to spend the next week(s) getting a jump on pending courses. By all means, do some planning, maybe even do a little reading, but make sure you have a few consecutive days without school to avoid burning out later.

Enjoy your break – you’ve earned it.

As the tough bow exerts its spring,
A constant tension breaks the string;
But if 'tis let at seasons loose,
You may depend upon its use.
Thus recreative sports and play
Are good upon a holiday,
And with more spirit they'll pursue
The studies which they shall renew.

Aesop's Fables: Book III Aesop Playing Phaedrus – translation C. Smart