Final Stretch

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Final Stretch

girl on laptop

I just wanted to remind everyone that even though you’re sitting by yourself at your computer, you’re not a game of solitaire. You’re part of a team! We’re all here to help each other and have each other’s backs, so whenever you’re feeling lonely, reach out, and don’t be afraid to ask questions, or ask for help! We’re here to help and learn as we go, and you know what? It doesn’t always have to be related directly to school work. For instance, I reached out to a fellow student asking advice on graduate programs. He gave me tons of information, and even narrowed in on which schools accept 3 year general degrees, and which schools do masters programs entirely online. I find that one of the greatest things about being a team player online is that you’re not necessarily put on the spot with questions where you feel pressured to answer right away. You can take some time and be more thorough, and since it’s being typed out for you, there’s no need for remembering or writing information down. That’s already done for you! So, next time you’re feeling nervous or unsure but too afraid to ask, don’t be shy. We’re all in the same boat and we’re all happy to help. Reach out, because we’re all part of a team, and a super awesome team!

For those of you already on campus and squeezing an extra course online, that’s amazing! For those of you that are doing your studies off campus and completely online, good for you! It’s not easy to be cooped up all day with your hobbies in your face. And, for those of you that have been out of school for a long time for whatever reason, take comfort in knowing that going back to get an education is a tough decision, and a lot of people would not be able to juggle work life, home life and social life on top of student life. I think another important aspect of this is when you’re a bit older, with more experience, you have more security in better understanding what you want to study, rather than just picking something because you’re good at it. Take pride in getting an education, and thrive in what you love studying! You will take that knowledge with you and it will show.