by Philomene Kocher


I have worked on the front desk at Arts & Science Online for the past 5 years. I know from my own experience that it is sometimes challenging to see the forest for the trees:  for example, a student’s email about a course enrollment actually is part of the bigger picture of their online degree program.  Perhaps in a similar way, your immediate work of assignments and exams takes priority over looking at the bigger picture of what you are learning through your online studies. 

Queen’s Career Services has created a valuable tool to help you name the many skills and strengths you are developing as an undergraduate student.  The Queen’s Skills Cards will help you to define, highlight, and describe your current skills and target skills for further development.

The skills are organized into 11 categories, and each category contains four cards. Here are some examples of the categories: collaboration, communication, engaged citizenship, and inclusivity and intercultural competence.

Career Services suggests that you can use the Skills Cards to help you:

  • Update your resume and cover letter,
  • Prepare for an interview,
  • Write applications to graduate and professional programs,
  • Plan your next year by choosing which skills you want to work on,
  • Assess possible career paths by becoming clearer about the skills you like and don’t like using,
  • Reflect on what you have learned from your courses and co-curricular activities, and
  • Tell your unique story with confidence!

You’ll find more information about the Skills Cards here. As well, we are planning to highlight one of these skills each month in the Arts & Science Online e-newsletter.

This bigger picture may help you to explore a competence that you want to develop. Or, it may help you to discover the many skills you already have – and how to describe them with confidence !