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Midterms, Late Midterms, End-of-Term Midterms….

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Midterm season starts, but it never really ends. You just kind of float along through the beginning of the term, then you’re confronted with your first midterm. You think, oh shoot, I haven’t learned a thing yet how the heck am I supposed to write this exam?! This ‘oh shoot’ moment can be especially jarring with online courses. You haven’t had to attend the lectures every week so you don’t have the luxury that on-campus students have of being reminded that their test is coming up. You don’t have a well-meaning prof standing in front of you saying, “Ok, guys, midterm is two weeks today. Here’s what you should review.” You may get an email reminder, but you may not. It’s on you to know, and it’s on you to schedule your study time accordingly.

My first midterm is tomorrow and my last midterm is mid-November. Considering the term ends in late November, that last midterm isn’t quite a mid term in the usual sense of the word. Midterms mark the start of the real work; from this point onward, you need to commit to getting everything done. And there is a lot to get done. Add on to that any family, extracurricular, or work commitments you have and you’re faced with a difficult task.

The one benefit of being faced with so many assessments in such a short period of time is that you get good at them. If you’re in several classes, the first midterm or two may be rocky, but by the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th you’ll feel like a pro. To help you get there, check out these study tips.