New Term New You

New Term New You

It’s nearly May, and we have more students than ever preparing to start their Summer 2020 term of online learning. Whether you’re a returning online student, you’ve just finished up your winter term and you’re ready to get back to work, or you’re brand new to the online learning environment, we have advice for you. 

The Big Picture 

So you’ve registered for courses, but have you stopped to think about where those courses could lead? What is your end goal? Consider having a browse through the Online Programs section of our website to get a real idea of where your studies could take you. We offer a number of 3-year degree programs and certificate programs, including the Certificate in Academic Writing and Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity. It sounds cliche, but the sky is truly the limit.

Managing Your Time

Student Academic Success Services has a wealth of great resources to help you manage your time, as does our own Learning Resources section of our website. Definitely check out both, and then try different strategies to find out what works for you. Most people work well with a combination of different schedules; personally, I always used a term schedule where I list assignment due dates for all of my courses, and a weekly schedule where I set specific learning goals for that week. Some people also benefit from a daily schedule, which enables you to chunk your time into work, studying, and rest. It’s important not to let online learning overwhelm your life, but it’s also important to dedicate enough time to your courses. You’ll have to figure out a balance that works best for you. 

Self Care

Finally, make sure as you begin this new academic term that you are taking care of yourself and your family. These are turbulent times and health and safety should come first. Please refer to our self care resources for more links. I hope you can get some comfort and distraction from the news by engaging in your new Queen’s course(s). 


Best of luck to everyone starting a new course this term!