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Staying on Task

Staying on Task

Forgotten Fridays

My apologies, everyone!

With the term at the home stretch, I forgot to submit my blog last week! Generally I’m on the ball with this, but it totally slipped my mind. Anyways, this is another reason I wanted to speak about a word that makes us all feel sheepish. The word is: “Forgot.” We use this word, either as an excuse or as an honest mistake. I made an honest mistake by forgetting to submit my blog but I still feel so frustrated at myself. There’s good news though! We’re all human and we all, from time to time, forget something, whether it’s an assignment, a test, a room number or to even just forgetting to bring a pen to an exam. But, if it’s an honest mistake, let your professor or TA know, ask for directions to that class room and ask for a spare pen! There is always a helping hand in these kinds of situations. The important thing is to not beat yourself up over it. We all make mistakes, and we also all learn from our mistakes. I learned to start making notes on my calendar about my blog and when I should submit it. In a way, forgetting something as an honest mistake is bittersweet. Yes, we feel down about it, but we’ve learned something, and this new step will contribute to helping us not forget something in the future.