Support Services For Online Students

Support Services For Online Students

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Many online students are unsure of what support systems exist for them within the Queen's University community. There are actually so many wonderful resources available! 

Arts and Science Online (ASO) 

Starting right here, with our Arts and Science Online community, you'll find a wealth of services at your fingertips. Visit our Facebook page to connect with hundreds of other online students, and be sure to join our group as well.  

Take advantage of our academic advising appointments and Mentor Program for help with learning strategies, study tips, and course selection. Visit the Learning Resources section of our website for a more in-depth look at topics including time management, motivation, and self-care. 

Student Academic Success Services (SASS) 

SASS has a huge amount of resources, tipsheets, referrals and more! Home of Learning Strategies and the Writing Centre, SASS offers a comprehensive and newly revamped website that is worth browsing through. SASS also provides external links for resources outside of Queen's. 

As online students, you can even schedule a telephone appointment with a learning strategist or writing consultant. Consider giving them a call before your next assignment! 

Student Wellness Services (SWS) 

The QueensU Be Well Facebook page is an excellent resource that you'll want to follow immediately. You can also visit the Health Promotion website for more resources related to physical and mental health. 

If you have specific questions or would like more information, visit this link for SWS contact info.  

Career Services 

Planning your next move? Visit the Career Services website for information about job hunting, resumes interviews, and more. The section on job search tools is particularly helpful. 

Being a student is a big job; don’t hesitate to reach out for help when you need it, and use the resources available to you.