The Ups and Downs of Online Learning

The Ups & Downs of Online Learning


By Aisling Sampson

Some days your energy is high, and you feel like you’re on top of the world. Today was not one of those days. I woke up with brain fog. Maybe it was the flat grey day, maybe it’s Monday, or maybe last week’s assignments were catching up with me, but whatever the reason my brain was not firing on all cylinders. We are in the home stretch of the term, so every moment of study time counts; taking the morning off was not an option. What to do?

When you’re not feeling in top mental form, studying can feel counterproductive. There are always administrative tasks or less creative study tasks that can keep you moving forward when you’re feeling sluggish. Use these times to get as much grunt work done as you can, so long as it’s work that needed to happen anyway. Submit that transcript request, check the discussion forums, prepare you next assignment templates, or download your next module’s required reading materials.

Looking through today’s study plan, a second research pull for two assignments jumped out. A simple, focused task was exactly what I needed. I fired up Queen’s Library off campus and by the time I had completed the additional research pull for the first assignment, the fog had lifted. I was able to follow through on the rest of my study plan without losing precious time. Quite often, simply starting a study session can clear the mental cobwebs and fend off the procrastination monster. If I didn’t have a detailed study plan to rely on this morning, I might have ditched the study session entirely. If you aren’t sure what needs to be done it is hard to stay motivated. Check out these resources for planning and motivation and stay on top of your game.