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Think Thursdays

time to think and study online

Hi everyone!

I hope the fall term has started off with a bang! In order to get this term off to a good start, I have decided that once a week I'm going to pick a day, have some fun with alliteration and use a word that starts with the same letter as that day, then use that word as a good source of insight or inspiration! Today, I have decided to use the word, "think." Why is thinking so important, especially when it comes to school and studying? We think when we concentrate or focus deeply on something. Sometimes, we think too much, or sometimes too little. Too much can lead to over thinking, which can shift focus on to something else, or too little, which can lead to not getting enough focus. It's always a good idea to have the right amount of thinking! I find that when I over think, I try to take a few steps back to my original thought. When I don't think enough, I take five minutes with something I enjoy, like tea, and start to try and focus my attention. Remember, when it comes to thinking, find that happy medium, and when there's too much or too little, step back, reflect or take a break, then try again!