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Tired Tuesdays

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Hi everyone!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! I know I did, the weather was great and I spent a lot of time in the backyard! I have to admit though, I’m pretty tired. With a 9 to 5 full time job, homework, chores and spending time with family, I have little time for R & R, which brings up an important word: Tired. Understandably, everyone gets tired. Our lives get inundated with the everyday responsibilities, but it’s so important to get rest. We can’t take care of everything in one evening, yet we feel like we have to get things done. Whenever I feel tired, or like I’m not getting enough sleep, I rotate my responsibilities, or I hand them over to someone I trust can help me. For instance, I’ll spend an evening taking care of two evenings worth of homework, and I’ll ask my husband to take care of some of the other responsibilities around the house. Then the following evening, I’ll help out more with chores and spend extra time with my family. When there are weekends when I’m extra tired, I arrange with people I trust to watch my little one for a night and spend time getting things done and getting some sleep. So when you’re feeling tired, it’s important to prioritize, but it’s also important to have people in your life that you can trust and rely on. Don’t ever feel bad about asking for help, especially when you’re tired!