Top 5 Queen's Library Resources

Top 5 Queen's Library Resources

By Aisling Sampson

Distance student or not, Queen’s Library has plenty of online resources waiting for you. Pop on, log in and poke about. From email access to specialist librarians to subject and course research guides, there’s much more to Queen’s Library than a simple summon search. Over the years I’ve directed other distance students to the fab resources you can find online at the Queen’s Library website – here are a few of my favs.

Research Guides

Everything you need for effective research in one spot, sorted by subject or by course.

  • Journal database links
  • Course research guide links
  • Librarian Specialist contact
  • Research Method guides and searches
  • Multimedia links & News Feeds
  • And much more 

While not all classes have their own research guides, many do. While looking up a guide for next term, I found a guide for a course I am taking this term – super useful!

Student Services Pages

A great place to start if you are newish to the wider offerings from Queen’s Libraries.

There are pages for graduate students and much more. It’s worth checking out the on-campus pages too; you’ll never know when you might be in town.

Ebooks at Queen’s

This hidden gem is your gateway to online books. Everything you need to know about searching (there are 4 main ways!), accessing, downloading, printing, and borrowing ebooks in one handy place.

Accessible from the search dropdown menu on the library home page here are two other great resources.

Exam Bank

Look no further for extra exam prep tools - sorted by year, author, or subject.

Please note if you haven’t logged in the search will return nothing.

Syllabus Bank

Collected syllabi from prior years - I use this for future course planning. Your course of interest may not have a syllabus from your specific professor, but you can still get a gist of the course focus.

So, next time you have an hour or two free, wander around Queen’s Online Library. You’ll find time-saving resources and more!