Why You Should Study Outside

Why You Should Study Outside

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USA Today College has a ton of great, short articles about student life and studying. I found this one about the benefits of studying outside particularly interesting.

As the article explains, there are a lot of great reasons to try studying outside:

1.      Lowered stress levels

As you might guess, being outside decreases stress. Doesn’t matter if you’re basking in nature or outside at a café in a bustling city, just being under the sun and breathing in fresh air makes a difference. As it happens, I’m writing this blog outside right now, on the patio at my favourite tea shop.

2.      Improved ability to focus

Though there are some distractions when you’re outside, if you’re able to minimize or ignore them, you will be able to focus on your studies. There aren’t nearly as many distractions as there would be at home, and your focus will improve as your stress levels lower.

3.      Boosts your memory

According to the article, students in a study performed better on a test if they had studied outside. Not sure if that always works, but it’s worth a shot!

4.      Vitamin D

Finally, being outside gives you access to Vitamin D. Your body needs Vitamin D, and most people aren’t getting enough in their daily lives. If you have the option to study out in the sun, take advantage!

5.      Creativity

Being outdoors does wonders for your creative abilities. If you’re working on an assignment that requires you to think outside the box, being out in the world will help you to hone in on your ideas.

For more info on how to set up a great study space, see this link.

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