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Worldwide Wednesdays

A globe that represents the worldwide nature of online learning

Among many things that I’ve noticed with online learning, is that it’s worldwide. On campus, yes, there are many students that come from near and far, but with online learning, you’re meeting people all over the world, in various areas and in different time zones, as you type! You could be chatting to someone in England, five hours ahead, or in Nepal, nine hours and forty-five minutes ahead! I bet you didn’t know that Nepal has a forty-five minute zone, but there’s so much you can learn from your domestic and international peers! Maybe one day, instead of talking about school, take a break and ask about your peers’ day and how it’s going. How far ahead or behind are they (time zone wise)? What time is it where they are? Are they north or south of you? East or west? Getting to know your peers and their culture will not only help you get to know them, but it will also help to respect their schedule. Remember, 9pm in the Kingston area is 2am in England and 6:45am in Nepal. Always try to respect other peers by working out the best time to chat. I hope you’re enjoying this unusually hot fall day. Happy half way through the week!