Your Education Matters

Your Education Matters

queen's university library

By Laura Joyce

Your education counts, too.

Distance learning can be difficult, we all know this. We are all here for different reasons. Some of us are on campus and are squeezing in a few more credits to speed up the process. Some of us are 10-15 years into a career that they want to change or expand on. Some of us are slugging away for a degree that feels like it will never come. Some of us are in Korea, some in San Francisco, some right in Kingston. It’s an incredibly dynamic group and because of this, it can be hard to feel like you are a ‘real’ student at Queens University.  I understand, I felt this way too.

I have been doing on-line learning with Queens since 2014. I started as an interest student and worked my way into the Psychology program. I work full-time in the psychology field and this takes a lot out of me. Learning how to balance school with life is a struggle every student goes through. Online learning is a different beast, its always there, on your computer screen, you really have to force yourself to stay on top of everything. Its difficult to do this as life throws you curve balls, illness, family emergencies, work and more. But there is a huge community of people who are looking to support you and make you feel like you really belong. It is important to tap into this support system. Let me clarify a few things, even if it doesn’t feel true. You ARE a student at Queens, it doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 68 or what province or country you live in. Your education matters. You deserve support, education, a sense of community. To accomplish this, you need to push yourself into the mindset of ‘I matter, too’.

When I started with Queens I was nervous to email my professor, my TAs, my academic adviser, I felt insignificant because I was far away and didn’t know what I was doing. After learning a few things the hard way, this online thing seems much easier. Suddenly it seems that time management is something I can wrap my head around, suddenly I really feel like I am earning a degree instead of struggling infront of my computer screen. I want to encourage you all to join the Facebook groups, get an online mentor, and talk with your professors and TAs.  Get in there and speak up when something isn’t working for you. Ask questions, give feedback, and engage.

You matter.