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Certificate in Global Action & Engagement

This fully online Queen’s certificate is for students seeking to better understand global development issues and contexts. And in particular, students that are looking to prepare for overseas work or volunteer and community engagement opportunities. Through a variety of online courses, students will work collaboratively to investigate development changes, critically reflect on the relationship between development theory and practice, and propose and evaluate action-oriented solutions. Through the certificate’s core courses, students will take an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of concepts related to the political, economic, social and cultural forces that shape contemporary global interactions.

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Program Plan and Courses

The Certificate requires students to complete 18.0 units total, including 4 core courses and 1 option course. Arts and Science students enrolled in a Queen’s degree program as well as this Certificate program may count up to 9.0 units toward both the requirements of the Certificate and their degree program. The remaining 9.0 units will be in addition to those required for the degree.

Core Courses (15.0 units) offered online

All students will take the following three courses:

  • DEVS 100 (6.0 units): Canada and the “Third World”
  • LLCU 111 (3.0 units): Introduction to Cultures (includes Certificate in Cultural Competencies offered by Queen’s International Centre)
  • DEVS 280 (3.0 units): Global Engagement

All students will take one or both of the following courses:

  • DEVS 361/3.0 Policy Advocacy and Field-Specific Preparation
  • DEVS 362/3.0 Globally Engaged Experiential Learning

Option Courses (3.0 units) offered online

Students who choose to complete only one of DEVS 361 (3.0 units) or DEVS 362 (3.0 units) must also take one of the following courses:

  • DEVS 220 (3.0 units): Introduction to Aboriginal Studies
  • DEVS 221(3.0 units): Topics in Aboriginal Studies
  • DEVS 230(3.0 units): The Global Political Economy of Development
  • DEVS 240(3.0 units): Culture and Development 
  • DEVS 250(3.0 units): Global Environmental Transformations 
  • DEVS 260(3.0 units): Globalization Gender and Development 
  • DEVS 361(3.0 units): Policy Advocacy and Field-Specific Preparation
  • DEVS 362(3.0 units): Globally Engaged Experiential Learning 

from Department of English Language and Literature

  • ENGL 259(3.0 units): Global Shakespeare 

from the Department of French Studies

  • FRST 125(3.0 units): Basic Business French 

from Geography Department

  • GPHY 227(3.0 units): Cities: Geography, Planning and Urban Life

from History Department

  • HIST 200(3.0 units): India and the World 
  • HIST 207(3.0 units): Global Indigenous Populations 
  • HIST 214(3.0 units): Food in Global History 
  • HIST 252(3.0 units): Africa in the Modern World
  • HIST 270(3.0 units): Contemporary China

from Language Literatures and Cultures

  • LLCU 209(3.0 units): Rio de Janeiro

from Faculty of Health Sciences

  • BMED 271(3.0 units):Global & Population Health
  • BMED 471(3.0 units): Advanced Global & Population Health

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Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees vary depending when you start, your year, faculty, and program. Fees for Fall Term 2018 first-year Undergraduate Online career Arts & Science Domestic students are as follows: for a 3.0-unit course, $685.90; for a 6.0-unit course, $1371.80 See also Tuition and Fees.

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