A Queen’s Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree can be achieved fully online while maintaining your work and family life. There is no difference in how our online degrees are credited on your transcript or diploma. You can complete your degree through full-time study within 3 years, or you can take courses one or two at a time, or even skip a term… whatever works for you! We also have new certificates for those interested in adding Queen's credentials to their resume in a shorter timeframe.

Learn about each of our programs by clicking the links below and visit the Apply section of our website for admission requirements. For admission requirements from other educational systems outside Ontario, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website.

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English (BA)

When you study English online at Queen's with this General BA, you'll learn to read perceptively, analyze clearly, and communicate effectively. You'll explore writers such as Shakespeare, Austen and Bronte, but also engage with current forms such as graphic novels and works of contemporary writers.    
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Global Development Studies (BA)

Learn about different strategies to craft positive social change through online courses that examine the multiple notions of freedom, democracy and progress that inform different visions of development. In this general BA, you'll gain effective written communication skills and learn to critically appraise diverse arguments and interpretations including Aboriginal and indigenous perspectives on settler colonialism.  
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History (BA)

Today's employment marketplace seeks people who are critically informed, culturally literate, capable of synthesizing information and adept at creating and managing knowledge. Study history online at Queen's with this general BA and you will acquire such skills while examining the roots of contemporary societies throughout the world.  
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Liberal Studies (BA)

Explore how the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences have shaped much of our daily lives. Through online courses you will investigate four modes of critical thought: scientific inquiry and reasoning, insights into contemporary society and culture, critical perspectives on history, and academic writing. This general BA degree program will help you develop adaptable skills for any career path or life activity, or further education. 
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Psychology (BA)

What animal is the smartest? What persuasion techniques work best? How is your gender identity formed? These questions and more are explored through the study of development, cognition, motivation and social behaviour in this online general BA. You will test theories, evaluate scientific evidence and apply this knowledge to everyday life. In the process you will develop effective communication, collaborative and technical skills that are essential in today's workplace.  
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Life Sciences (BSc)

Develop a strong grounding in basic sciences like chemistry and biology, and then focus on the biomedical sciences such as human anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and pharmacology. This online general BSc program will foster an interdisciplinary perspective to your understanding of today's diseases and disorders, while enhancing your critical analysis and communication skills. This online degree is also a good fit if you have aspirations to attend professional schools to become a healthcare professional.  
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Academic Writing

Our online Certificate in Academic Writing* offers Distance students the opportunity to enhance and accredit their writing skills, enabling them to communicate effectively and prepare for future writing tasks in both academic and professional contexts.  
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Employment Relations

The Online Certificate in Employment Relations is designed as an additional credential to support those seeking entry level jobs in labour relations and human resources management. Students will be introduced to the theory, policy and legal frameworks behind the employment relationship, and how these can be applied to assess workplace challenges and problems.  
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Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate is the first of its kind, bringing together nine different Faculties, Schools, Departments and service units. Housed within the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Dan School of Drama and Music, this certificate was designed to allow students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to execute entrapreneurial innovation. Students will have the opportunity to study and practice skills in marketing and promotion as well as finance and business planning. Through a variety of interdisciplinary courses, students will be challenged to brainstorm, research, design, and present a new product or service to peers, end users, leadership teams, potential investors and to online and digital publics.  
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French for Professionals

Designed to provide students with the necessary language skills to effectively work in a bilingual professional environment, the Certificate in French for Professionals will help both new learners and current professionals establish the written and oral communication skills required to meet the specific needs of their workplace. Students will enhance their effective communication skills by applying new vocabulary and expressions in daily interactions, learning how to tailor language for specific business contexts, and constructing documentation necessary for workplace success. Through core courses, students will analyze case studies, participate in role-play activities, and create collaborative projects that simulate real work situations.  
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Global Action & Engagement

This fully online Queen’s certificate is for students seeking to better understand global development issues and contexts - and, in particular, students who are looking to prepare for overseas work or volunteer and community engagement opportunities. Through a variety of online courses, students will work collaboratively to investigate development changes, critically reflect on the relationship between development theory and practice, and propose and evaluate action-oriented solutions. Through the certificate’s core courses, students will take an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of concepts related to the political, economic, social and cultural forces that shape contemporary global interactions.  
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Media Studies

The online Certificate in Media Studies offers students the opportunity to develop and accredit their fluency in the foundations of media and cultural studies. Students will build practical creativity, communication, and critical thinking skills that can be applied in academic and professional contexts.  
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