Global Development Studies

Learn about different strategies to craft positive social change through online courses that examine the multiple notions of freedom, democracy and progress that inform different visions of development. In this general BA, you'll gain effective written communication skills and learn to critically appraise diverse arguments and interpretations including Aboriginal and indigenous perspectives on settler colonialism.

Program Plan

The Bachelor of Global Development Studies program plan consists of 90.0 units. 60.0 of these units are electives which can be taken from any subject, at any level and in any order, as long you have (or obtain) the prerequisites for any 200 or 300-level courses. The other 30.0 units must be taken as described below. Note: Courses may not be offered every term.

Note: If you were admitted prior to May 2018, please see you program plan here. If you were admitted after May 2018 and prior to May 2019, please see your program plan here.

Core courses (15.0 units) 

Option courses (9.0 units)

Option courses (6.0 units) from DEVS courses listed directly above or DEVS-eligible courses below offered online

** Note: only 6.0 units of courses from other faculties may be used in a degree program

Electives (60.0 units)

60.0 additional units selected from all course offerings.

How do I apply?

Admission Requirements

Queen's Arts and Science Online has several admission categories for students with diverse educational backgrounds. Choose the right one for you here.

Application Periods

There are three application periods each year - Fall, Winter and Summer. View the dates and deadlines for each one here.

Submit an Application

To apply for a Queen's online program, simply submit an online application directly through our website.

How Online Learning Works

Click here to learn more about when to access your course, time commitments, exams and more.

What can I do with my degree?

Can I apply to Grad School?

Admission requirements for graduate programs vary by institution and program. If your education goals include attending grad school, we recommend that you speak to the receiving institution and compare our programs to their admission requirements. It is currently not possible to complete an Honours degree in Global Development Studies online at Queen's.

Possible Career Fields

Your BA in Global Development Studies can lead you to a wide variety of career fields, which may include:

  • Business development 
  • Community development 
  • Disaster relief 
  • Ethics 
  • Fair trade 
  • Food security 
  • Foreign affairs 
  • Fundraising 
  • Human rights 
  • Immigration 
  • International development 
  • Journalism 
  • Public Health 
  • Refugee settlement 
  • Tourism and trade 

Note: Students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies are encouraged to contact the programs directly to find out if our ASO 3-year 90.0-unit general degree will meet admission requirements.