Global Development Studies

In Global Development Studies, you will combine big-picture analytical thinking with practical skillsets to help craft positive social change through global engagement. In this general BA, courses are designed to build skills in policy design and advocacy, effective communication, and thematic knowledge on key global challenges, gender, indigeneity, sustainability, political economy and more.  


Program Plan

The Bachelor of Global Development Studies program plan consists of 90.0 units. 60.0 of these units are electives which can be taken from any subject, at any level and in any order, as long you have (or obtain) the prerequisites for any 200 or 300-level courses. The other 30.0 units must be taken as described below.  


  1. Courses may not be offered every term.
  2. Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2021-2022 Academic Calendar for the previous requirements.
  3. Only 6.0 units of courses from other faculties may be used in a degree program. This includes courses in BMED, COMM, GLPH, LAW, NURS and courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. 
  4. This online program plan has been adapted from the official Faculty of Arts and Science E-Calendar to help online students identify only courses that are being offered online.

1. Core courses (15.0 units) 

  1. 6.0 units from:
    1. DEVS 100 (6.0 units): Canada and the “Third World” (course is no longer being offered)
    2. DEVS 101 (3.0 units): Development Studies in Global Perspective 
    3. DEVS 102 (3.0 units): Canada in the World (coming Summer 2024)
  2. DEVS 220 (3.0 units): Introduction to Indigenous Studies
  3. 6.0 units from:
    1. DEVS 230 (3.0 units): The Global Political Economy of Development
    2. DEVS 240 (3.0 units): Culture and Development
    3. DEVS 250 (3.0 units): Environmental Transformations
    4. DEVS 260 (3.0 units): Globalization, Gender and Development

2. Option courses (15.0 units)

  1. 9.0 units from:
    1. DEVS at the 200-level or above (see course list below) 
  2. 6.0 units from:
    1. Any DEVS course that is not already counting towards another requirement. 
    2. DEVS_Eligible at the 200-level or above 

3. Elective (60.0 units)

Selected from all ASO Course offerings.