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Certificate in Academic Writing (AWRI)

Our online Certificate in Academic Writing* offers Distance students the opportunity to enhance and accredit their writing skills, enabling them to communicate effectively and prepare for future writing tasks in both academic and professional contexts. 

* Available to Distance Students only.

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Program Plan & Courses

This certificate program consists of 12.0 units of degree-credit courses. 6.0 of these units are required courses, while the other 6.0 units can be selected from the option courses described below. 

Note: If you are also in an online degree program, only 6.0 units from your degree program or the certificate can count towards both. In other words, to graduate with both an online degree and this certificate, you would need a total of 96.0 units (instead of 90.0 units).

Core courses (6.0 units) offered online

Choose one of the following two courses:

Plus the following course:

Option courses (6.0 units) offered online

Choose two of the following three courses:

You may choose to substitute 3.0 units of WRIT option courses above with 3.0 units of the following courses:

How do I apply?

Admission Requirements

Queen's Arts and Science Online has several admission categories for students with diverse educational backgrounds. View them all here

Submit an Application

To apply for a Queen's online program, simply submit an online application directly through our website here.

How Online Learning Works

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