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Analytical Services Unit
Analytical Services Unit

ENSC 471 Information

Course date: NOT SET for 2016

For further information about the course please contact Dr Allison Rutter at the following e-mail address:

Dr Allison Rutter

Environmental Analysis Methods Course

ENSC471* (0.5 Credit, 2 weeks intensive)

  • Offered date: To be determined
  • For students who have taken CHEM 271* or 278* but NOT CHEM 279* or 379* (or 272).
  • Analysis of real samples in a commercial lab.
  • Emphasis on environmental analysis.
  • Limited to 16 students: i) ENSC CHEM, ii)ENSC other, iii) first come-first served.
  • Students in other programs must check regarding use of this credit.
  • Spring registration fees apply - check with Arts & Science or Registrar.

ENSC-471* / 0.5 Environmental Analysis Methods 30L; 40P; 2 wks.

Two weeks of intensive study in Environmental Analysis. Fundamentals of sample collection and preparation, including statistics and extraction methods, plus instrumental techniques including chromatography, atomic spectroscopy, spectrophotometry and automated analysis techniques.Laboratory experiments in each of these areas. Enrolment is limited. Offered in Spring Term only.

  • PREREQUISITE CHEM 271* or 278*
  • EXCLUSIONS CHEM 272, 279*, 379*