The Bader College Strategic Plan, 2023-2028

Enhancing our Estate

Enhancing our Estate

Wildflower Meadow


  • We will maximise the use of our estate to support all areas of our strategic plan.
  • We will improve the accessibility of our buildings and grounds to ensure we are compliant with UK legislation and to enable us to welcome people of all backgrounds and circumstances.
  • We will become an internationally respected leader in nature restoration, biodiversity and ecology.
  • We will become a nationally recognised leader in the sustainability of historic estates and buildings.

Case Study: Nature Restoration on the Herstmonceux Castle Estate

Enhancing our Estate

Set within 600-acres of working, sustainable land, our estate already boasts an astounding variety of habitats including: ancient woodlands, historic parklands, wildflower meadows, rare fenlands, wetlands, and ornamental gardens.

These habitats in turn are home to an astonishing array of indigenous flora and fauna which includes ancient chestnuts, wild orchids, rare fungi, kingfishers, buzzards and populations of both roe and fallow deer.

Our ponds and wetlands are home to ecologically significant species of wetland birds, such as lapwings, yellow wagtails, cuckoos and marsh harriers. Many of our ponds are designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest by Natural England due to the existence of rare fen vegetation such as Cornish moneywort, Milk parsley and Water violet. Onwards from the moat, our waters feed the Kentland Fleet, becoming part of the Pevensey Levels National Nature Reserve, an area of national ecological importance.

For many years, we have been working to enhance and preserve biodiversity on the estate for the benefit of future generations. We have been coppicing our ancient woodlands, slowing water through our ponds and promoting seed establishment in our wildflower meadows, for example.

Dead Hedging

In 2022 we received a small grant from the Lund Trust to offset the cost of having professionals coppice the trees on the east side of the moat and to clear rushes in the north end of the moat.

The coppicing work in this particular area was completed in January 2023 and the bark chips created were recycled and used for pathways throughout the estate.

Reeds in the moat were cleared, creating channels so that small water birds and mammals can navigate them more easily, encouraging them to make nests in which to raise their young.

Named after Lisbet’s home city in south Sweden, The Lund Trust are a charitable foundation founded by Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin. They support charities and causes they especially care about, working locally with High Weald Joint Advisory Committee to “Care for one of England’s finest landscapes”.

Empowering People

Our ambition is to foster an environment where the contribution of all colleagues is recognised and respected. We actively encourage creativity and enterprise and continue to build on our reputation for attracting, rewarding and retaining colleagues who share our collective ambitions and demonstrate the expertise, experience and behaviours to deliver them.

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Exceptional Education

Through our exceptional and unique education programmes our students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes to equip them to investigate and solve some of the world’s most complex problems. By personalising learning, which combines academic theory, practical experience, and personal development, students are able to accelerate their learning in an inclusive and supportive environment that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration with their professors and peers from across the globe. We collaborate with partners to take our students’ learning beyond the traditional classroom environment.

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Enhancing our Estate

As custodians of our historic Estate, we continue to develop it in a sustainable manner, safeguarding it for future generations. In delivering our strategic ambitions, we have a positive impact within the local community and more widely. We play an important international role in nature restoration and biodiversity, whilst working to become nationally recognised for the sustainability of historic buildings.

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Financial Sustainability

The careful stewardship of resources by Bader College ensures that we remain financially and environmentally sustainable. By enhancing our commercial activity and working together collaboratively, we ensure a sustainable financial model that underpins all our educational, estate and community activities.

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Connecting in the Community

We play an important role in our local, national and global community by using our resources, expertise and connections to enrich the prospects of our students, our partners and those around us.

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