RSCH594/3.0 - Independent Study

Lead Instructor: Dr Claire Kennan -

In Summary:

RSCH594 is the course code formally used to grant credit towards your independent research study at Bader College. All independent projects must be proposed with the support of a suitable academic supervisor at Bader College and must be approved by the department or departments principally involved.

UY Course Summer Course


Bader College programs place an emphasis on primary research, an academic possibility most students do not get to experience until their postgraduate studies. In both the Fall and Winter Terms, the Castle community will have the opportunity to be involved in nationwide research events which provide our students and faculty with the chance to engage with an established framework of public outreach events, get access to external funding for activities and work on collaborative projects.  In the Summer Term, the Castle community will come together for our very own undergraduate research conference. 



Research at Bader College

From learning how to undertake archival research, to digital archiving, to honing your public speaking and debating skills for law school at the end of term conference, the skills you develop will help you long after the program has finished. Using our instructors' connections, we will help you in your primary research in places such as the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, South London and other major cultural institutions in London, and support you as you prepare for the end of term conference. We will also support you in publishing your work in undergraduate journals.

When you submit your application for Castle Summer+, you will be asked to indicate which three courses you intend to study, and one of these may be RSCH594/3.0 Independent Study. The RSCH may be any course code (e.g. ENGL, POLS, etc.) in Arts and Science. 

Participants wishing to enrol in Research 594 must be level 3 or higher by the time the program starts. Students wishing to take the 594/3.0 option this summer must declare their interest to the Castle's Research Co-ordinator Dr Claire Kennan and fill and return this Independent Research Registration Form (Word Doc, 76KB)

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