Highlights of our EAL Program

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"Academic pursuits beyond the classroom reflect Bader College’s emphasis on anchoring the learning experience in direct observation and participation."

- Dr Ruth Cereceda – Director of BC Experiential Learning Program

Liverpool TripExperiential and Active Learning (EAL) is at the very heart of our programming. At Bader College we recognise that not all learning can, or should occur just within the four walls of a classroom. You will learn in a variety of settings such as museums, moot courts, debates, walking tours and visiting guest lectures. Thanks to its close proximity to the Castle, Sussex University has provided a natural collaborator with the Castle over the years, supplying guest speakers, resources and many opportunities for interaction between students from all over the globe. Our close proximity to London is also vital for supporting experiential learning which provides you with the opportunity to learn in hands-on environments from key practitioners and officials from world-famous institutions. In doing so, we help you connect classroom learning and skill development to the realities of our globalized world.

In previous terms, Mid-Term Trips to cities such as Oxford and Edinburgh have brought students to governmental organizations, historical sites, and cultural institutions. Cities such as these, with diverse cultures and important roles in national and international affairs, create the ideal setting for experiential and interdisciplinary learning.

Highlights of our EAL programming:Alert Box

  • Learn to approach issues from different perspectives: reflect and apply what you have seen and heard.

  • With up to two embedded experiential learning activities per course per term, experience up to ten active learning opportunities per term, depending on your course-load.

  • Get out and explore! Our embedded experiential learning takes place on the Castle estate, in Sussex (e.g. Brighton, Hastings), in the city of London, and beyond.

  • Learn from visiting experts, guest lecturers and performers.

  • Take one mid-term trip each term – In the past, students have visited cities such as Oxford, London, Liverpool and Paris.

  • Cost of travel, admission to venues, and overnight accommodations for all embedded experiential learning are covered by your tuition fees.

Built into your tuition fees, and into each term, you will have the opportunity to go on both one-day and multi-day excursions designed to enhance your learning experience. Just imagine discussing Art History while standing in front of the actual paintings in the Victoria & Albert Museum!

Some examples of some other fairly typical course-specific embedded experiential learning includes: 

  • A visit to Chiltern Way Academy (PROF110)
  • Kew's Millennium Seed Bank, Wakehurst (BIOL102)
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre - King Lear (ENGL100)
  • A walking tour of Alfriston Village (IDIS304)
  • A Flamenco Workshop, Brighton (SPAN112)
  • Scottish Parliament (POLS110)
  • A visit to the Holocaust Exhibit, Imperial War Museum, London (HLTH397)

Experiential Learning at a museum

Paris Trip

Sometimes your experiential and active learning will give you the chance to travel internationally. The benefit of being so close to London is that you are always within arms reach to many major European cities. Your EAL opportunities will often be based in and around London, or on the grounds of the Castle itself. In the winter and summer terms, students have had the chance to go to other major European cities like Paris, Berlin, or Geneva, often as part of a midterm trip.

The opportunities to gain international experience is something that is unique to the Castle's program. These experiences expose you to different teaching and learning methods, allowing you to work with international colleagues, making you a more marketable candidate in the workforce and putting you ahead when applying for grad school. We know from experience that active learning helps you develop and mature as a person. There is nothing quite like landing in another country, or exploring unknown cities with your friends to develop a sense of adventure and independence!

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