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BISC 100: Thinking Locally & BISC 101: Acting Globally

Available to Queen's students ONLINE this Fall.

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Back by popular demand, the Castle's flagship courses will be offered online once again to Queen's students on Kingston campus and Arts and Science Online, as well as Bader College students!

First Year?

These interdisciplinary courses are a great bridge to university studies from high school and open up multiple degree plan options for your second year.
No prerequisites needed.

Upper Year?

Take the BADR 100/101 courses as electives within your current degree to participate in the Castle experience and develop your skills for the future.
No prerequisite needed.

What are the benefits?

  • Applicable for multiple degree plans
  • Acquire vital transferable skills
  • Learn primary source analysis in an online setting
  • Enjoy access to exclusive cultural events with experts
  • Take part in virtual ELOs with Castle Tours and Escape Rooms

Introducing BADR 100/3.0 and BADR 101/3.0

A program which builds skills and knowledge, and links together different academic discplines, with the focus on equipping you for your future studies, is invaluable. BADR 100: Thinking Locally and BADR 101: Acting Globally fulfil this role and are offered online to all Queen's students on Kingston campus as well as at the BISC. The two courses are available for both First-Year and Upper Year students and are purposefully designed to build on the unique aspects of the BISC learning environment. The courses are delivered online through a combination of lectures, seminars, and video conferencing sessions. Students will learn online primary source analysis with unique access to the Castle's archives.

BADR 100: Thinking Locally

Previously named BISC 100, BADR 100 explores some of the most challenging issues facing society in the 21st century, with classmates from a variety of different programs and disciplines. From climate change and large-scale conflict to migration and democracy and cyber-security, BADR 100 explores important topics and highlights the critical connections across them.

This course, typically offered on campus at the Bader College, is offered online to distance students with a limited number of spaces. Please note that this course has a synchronous lecture where you will be joining the rest of the class in England, and you are required to enrol in one of the synchronous seminars held each week. You will not be able to access this course in onQ until the first day of classes at which time you should familiarize yourself with the Syllabus and Timeline.

BADR 101: Acting Globally

Previously named BISC 101, BADR 101 takes the lessons in BADR 100 (though BADR 100 is not a prerequisite) and expands them to the global stage, exploring world-shaping forces like war, colonization, trade, and cultural connection. BADR101 explores important topics, highlights the critical connections across them, and asks students how they see themselves leading within this wider global context.

Your Pathway to Second Year

Several Queen’s departments accept BISC 100 and BISC 101 as entry into their major plan. By taking BISC 100 and BISC 101 you will be thoroughly prepared to continue studies in these fields in your second year.

Full entry:

  • History
  • Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • Drama
  • Sociology

Partial entry (requires the addition of the relevant disciplinary course):

  • Film and Media Studies
  • Geography

A group of First Year students sitting by the statue of General Wolfe in Greenwich Park near the observatory

Bader College (Queen’s University, Canada) is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment that is fair, positive, and supportive for all members of our community.
We strive to ensure all members’ views are valued and shared in a secure environment through a commitment to upholding equity*, diversity**, inclusion***, and advancing indigenous initiatives.
Bader College supports the fair treatment and opportunity for all by asserting the importance of non-discriminatory treatment either directly or indirectly on the ground of age, disability, gender identity, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.   

*Equity: Substantive fairness for everyone thereby ensuring that members of equity-seeking groups are able to achieve full participation in the university (ader College). 

**Diversity: The representation of the population with respect to designated groups. 

***Inclusion: The climate and acceptance of differences that comes with diversity i.e. different ways of living and working. 

Land acknowledgement: Queen’s University, Canada is situated on Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory.

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