First Year Concurrent Education

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The Concurrent Education (Con-Ed) program at Bader College is the only program of its kind where, as a Canadian student, you can spend your entire first year learning about an international educational system in situ. Every week you will spend time in school, learning about teaching in the UK context and gaining an invaluable comparative experience in just your first year!

Bader College students will be expected to experience the equivalent of 9 full days (minimum 50 hours) in a school setting while they are students at the Castle. Our Con-Ed students will take part in a series of timetabled classroom observations to help them reach their 50 hour target. These placements will give you invaluable practical experience of working alongside other professional educators in the classroom, helping you make connections between theory and practice through contact with children in real classrooms.

Highlights of our Concurrent Education Programming:Alert Box

  • Set yourself apart from your peers: Gain international experience in only your first year of study.

  • Compare different learning environments: Our Practicums take place in both state-run and private (fee-based) schools, as well as outdoor education settings and specialist provision for students with Special Educational Needs.

  • Go beyond the textbooks: Talk with Head Teachers to get a deeper understanding of their educational strategies and advice about your potential career path.

  • Experience different age groups: Our practicums are offered in Primary Schools (4-11 years) and Secondary Schools (12-17 years).

Your pathway to Concurrent Education at Queen's

First Year Con-EdBader College is a place for you to grow academically and personally. In addition to acquiring disciplinary knowledge, by the end of first year experience tells us you will become more confident as a student and as someone who knows they can be effective and proactive in the world.

Our close-knit community and small classes mean you will begin to develop high-level critical thinking and intercultural skills.

You will engage with the Castle, the estate and the surrounding towns and cities as a unique arts and social science lab to enrich your learning. Learn by doing! 

Before I began my Practicum I was a confident speaker and had no issues getting up in front of a group of people to talk, but having the chance to experience both a primary and secondary school classroom dynamic has showed me that you need a whole new level of confidence to be a successful teacher. The unwavering positivity, motivation and support from the teachers I have worked alongside has made me see that being a teacher isn’t just about being prepared, it’s about being present. You can do hours and hours of preparation for a class, but none of that matters unless you connect with your students. - Harriet

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The Con-Ed programme at Bader College involves you spending time in a local school from the first week of term. In order to make this happen it is essential you do two things now:

  1. If you are over 18 -  A Police check that involves a vulnerable sector check. If you are under 18 - A character reference that states how long the person has known you, and in what capacity, that confirms that you are a suitable person to work with minors. Examples of suitable referees include, your high school tutor, a religious official, or your sports' coach.
  2. A Letter of Accommodation.

Police Checks

In order to enter a UK school, you must have proof of a vulnerable sector screening police check. Now you have been offered your place you need to apply for a police check from your home area as soon as possible (i.e. the area where you live now). Please note procedures vary in different jurisdictions and cannot typically cannot be done online. In order to allow time for processing you must start the process now. You are required to present the screening document when you arrive at Bader College.

Letter of Accommodation

If you require accommodations relating to a physical, mental or learning disability, you need to register with Queen's Student Accessibility Services (QSAS) on main campus. Because we want to ensure you are able to take full advantage of your placement, it is important that we have this information as soon possible. Please register on the QSAS website now and submit the requested documents. Do not wait until you have selected your courses to start the process. Accommodations can only be granted through a Queen's Letter of Accommodation. Documentation from high schools, doctors etc. cannot be used in place of a Queen's Letter of Accommodation.

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