First Year Health Sciences

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The Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) at Bader College is a direct-entry program that allows you to dive into courses related to human health from the perspectives of biomedical and social sciences in your first year. By travelling to the UK for year one of the Health Sciences program, you will still experience the same innovative BHSc curriculum that is built with a competency-framework common to health professional programs, including medicine, but also have a Study Abroad experience like no other!

Highlights of our Health Sciences Programming: Alert Box

  • Innovative learning: Our course's blended learning puts the emphasis on you learning to connect and extend course content, within a dynamic group learning environment. 

  • Get involved: Even smaller class sizes than main campus facilitate collaboration with your entire peer group, not to mention your instructors.

  • Achieve core BHSc competencies: collaborator, communicator, advocate, leader, scholar, professional and content expert.
  • Become a well-rounded scientist: You will develop the leadership experience, global awareness, and people skills that today's employers expect in addition to analytical thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, and industry-specific knowledge.

  • Acquire a professional advantage: Our curriculum has been developed with a similar competency-based framework that is being increasingly used in professional health programs

Your pathway to Health Sciences at Queen's

First Year Health SciencesBader College is a place for you to grow academically and personally. In addition to acquiring disciplinary knowledge, by the end of first year experience tells us you will become more confident as a student and as someone who knows they can be effective and proactive in the world.

Our close-knit community and small classes mean you will begin to develop high-level critical thinking and intercultural skills.

You will engage with the Castle, the estate and the surrounding towns and cities as a unique arts and social science lab to enrich your learning. Learn by doing! 

Additional Course Information:

Our diverse course offering includes core first-year BHSc courses including:

  • IDIS173/3.0 - History and Philosophy of Health & Healthcare
  • PHAR100/3.0 - Introductory Pharmacology
  • ANAT100/3.0 - Anatomy of the Human Body
  • PHGY170/3.0 - Human Cell Physiology
  • HSCI190/3.0 - Introduction to Statistics
  • GLPH171/3.0 - The Social and Physical Determinants of Health & Disease

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