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We are committed to facilitating the integration of students with disabilities into the University community. While all students must satisfy the essential requirements for courses and programs, the administration, faculty, staff, and students at Queen's are expected to provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities.

AccommodationsApplying for Academic Accommodations: First Year and Upper Years Queen’s Students

Academic accommodations are arranged by Queen’s Student Accessibility Services (QSAS) on main campus and are administered using Ventus - an accommodation management system that allows students, instructors, Queen’s Student Accessibility Services (QSAS), and other University stakeholders to communicate easier about accommodations for students with disabilities/disabled students. When you have completed your application, your accommodations will be available to view on the Ventus system. Final exams are arranged by the Academic Administrator and the Head of Student Success and Development.

You need to register online with QSAS via the Ventus portal and follow the procedures for obtaining academic accommodations before arriving at Bader College.

Please start this process as early as possible. It is possible to apply for accommodations when you are at Bader College, but the procedure can be delayed because of the need to submit supporting documents from Canadian health professionals. Do not send medical or supporting documentation to Bader College. Upper Years students should check their documentation to ensure their accommodations are up to date.

Applying for Academic Accommodations: Upper Years and Non-Queen’s Students

If you are a non-Queen’s student requiring academic accommodation, you need to register with QSAS. Be prepared to submit any documentation (such as a Letter of Accommodation or equivalent document) from your home institution.

Application Checklist:Alert Box

  1. Register with QSAS.

  2. Provide documentation.

  3. Check your email and follow up on any requests from QSAS.


  • Register with QSAS as soon as possible.
  • Check for updates on your application.


  • Wait till you get to Bader College to register.
  • Submit any other sort of documentation on the Student Portal (eg: medical documents, High School IEPs etc.)

Any further questions? 

Contact Isabelle Brent:

Head of Student Success and Development, Bader College
Tel: +44 (0) 1323 834527

Contact Queen's Student Accessibility Services:

Student Wellness Services
146 Stuart Street Kingston, ON K7L 3N6
Tel: 613-533-6467
Fax: 613-533-6284