Bader Skills Award


A new look for Fall 2022

The award-winning Bader Skills Award is being updated for Fall 2022. The Bader Skills Award is designed to help you get the most from co-curricular activities at Bader College. By working on your goals and participating in events and programmes, you will get the opportunity to develop skills that will contribute to your personal development, support your studies and aid your career prospects.

To qualify for the Award, you must create and submit goals with the help of your coach, and participate in activities from a range of different skills areas. The final stage of the Award is to write a personal reflection statement.

Bader Skills Tree

Graduate Attributes

Your goals, activities and reflection will be informed by the Bader College Graduate attributes. Graduate attributes are the skills, personal qualities and understandings that you can work to develop through the BSA and your academic activities to prepare you for the rest of your academic career and beyond. Our graduates should be able to demonstrate the following attributes and more on completion of their time at Bader College:

  • academic excellence
  • creativity
  • intercultural communication
  • collaboration
  • professionalism
  • community engagement

Contact Dr Isabelle Brent, our Head of Student Success and Development for more information.

Bader College Graduate Attributes

Summary Wheel

Attribute Badges

Award Badges

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