Summer History Cluster


Upper Year Historians - Study as a cohort for six weeks in a 15th-century castle

In partnership with the Department of History, Bader College is launching the History Summer Cluster in the summer of 2023. This new program offers upper-year History students the opportunity to study as a cohort for 6-weeks in a 15th century castle while working with primary source documents from local and national archives.

Students participating in the History Cluster should enroll in at least 6-units of History or HIST_Subs and up to 3-units of electives during the summer 2023 term from May-June.

Highlights of the Castle Summer Program: Alert Box

  • Travel with a cohort of their peers.

  • Engage in graduate style learning through small class sizes.

  • Seize the opportunity to participate in independent research.

  • Complete a seminar abroad and get ahead in degree requirements.

  • Gain practical skills through experiential learning on campus and beyond!

  • Courses in this program can be used to satisfy requirements for Queen's HIST Major and Medial plans.

Awards Available

Museum visitTo learn more about how these courses fit into your History degree, visit the Department of History website.

The Department of History is also proud to offer a Summer Study Award valued at a minimum of $1,000 per student based on academic achievement. All students who have applied to History Summer+ will be automatically considered for the award.

Please note: Students must be registered in a minimum of 6.0 units of HIST or HIST_SUBS in the Castle Summer+ program offered at Bader College.

Visit our Financial Assistance page for eligibility details. Students must apply to Castle Summer+ by February 28th to be considered for the History Summer Study Award.

Courses of instruction include:

Castles represent perhaps one of the most visibly significant landmarks of the medieval period in our contemporary landscape. As such they invoke the majority of the myths perpetuated about our contemporary understandings and misunderstandings about the age. From ideas such as romantic chivalry to the violent and cruel behaviour of their inhabitants, castles provide a neat background to the popular views of the medieval past.

According to medieval values, the very purpose of life was to prepare for the afterlife by avoiding sin. This course encourages students to consider how medieval people prepared for an afterlife by trying to remain ‘sin-free’ while also having their basic human desires fulfilled. It asks them to consider what can we learn about the Middle Ages from exploring life through these two interrelated themes.

This course examines the nature of identity. Through the study of 'Britishness' and what it means to be British, students will explore how national identities are formed. An interdisciplinary introduction to contemporary British life and culture, focusing on some of the key events, issues, and narratives that continue to shape British national identity. The course usually combines British art history, history, literature, and popular culture.

From learning how to undertake archival research, to digital archiving, to honing your public speaking and debating skills for law school at the end of term conference, the skills you develop will help you long after the program has finished. Using our instructors' connections, we will help you in your primary research.

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