Upper Year Programming

Elizabethan Gardens in Fall

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  • Build your research skills and boost your resume with impressive workplace skills.

  • Participate in course-specific experiential and active learning opportunities (EALs), usually two each term per subject. Your embedded experiential and active learning usually takes place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the term, essentially meaning your regular classes run Monday through Thursday. (Some EALs, such as guest speakers, poster presentations or film screenings take place on site, taking advantage of the Castle's extensive grounds and facilities. Experiential and active learning beyond the Castle includes visits to a variety of sites of interest such as world-famous museums, unique archives, public debates and performances, festivals, and historic sites.)

  • Take part in extended embedded experiential and active learning during Mid-Term Trips (MTTs) to important cities in the UK. In the past students have visited London, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Oxford.

  • Benefit from small seminar group sizes, with an average class size of 10, and close interaction with our high-quality faculty. 

  • Explore the local area, including the seaside towns of Eastbourne and Brighton, or take day trips on the train to the bustling city of London.

  • Be able to rely on extensive academic and personal support from the many student-focused services on campus, such as our dedicated onsite Residence Life Manager and Student Services Team.

  • Develop academically and personally.  Become more confident as a student and as someone who knows they can be effective and proactive in the world.

  • Accelerate your degree. Gain vital credits for the semester ahead.  No credit transfer is required for Queen's students as all our courses are Queen's University courses. NB: external students will require a Letter of Permission to transfer credits to their home university.

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Castle Summer - Dimensions of Sustainability

  • Gain up to three course credits (9.0) towards your degree and free up your Fall term.

  • All students have an opportunity to do primary research, increasing their profile for entry to professional schools, and to present at an undergraduate conference.

  • Prepare yourself for the graduate school experience and gain workplace skills that will impress potential employers.

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Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health & Disability (Summer)

  • Explore concepts of health and disability within the expanding context of global norms.  The program is interdisciplinary in nature and you will explore different perspectives in order to broaden your scope and understanding of global health and disability studies.

  • A unique set of field trips to places such as Cambridge and London

  • Embark on a multi-day Midterm Trip to Geneva and visit key sites in your studies.

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Upper Year Bachelor of Health Science (Fall)

  • Take the compulsory third year Health Sciences courses and add a global perspective to your studies.

  • Benefit from one-to-one attention from instructors, and hands-on experiential learning,

  • Expand your worldview of health sciences and build your network for your future. This experience will enhance your transcript for application to Graduate School, or Medical School.

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Upper Year Fall Program - Immerse yourself

  • Choose 5 electives for a total of 15.0 credits, from our diverse course offering, each with exciting experiential learning opportunities.

  • Take advantage of the environment around you - benefit from your proximity to important cities such as Brighton and London, exploring the UK and giving you access to sites such as Tate Modern gallery, Charles Darwin’s home, and Canterbury Cathedral.

  • Our small class sizes facilitate a graduate-style environment with close interaction with your professors and peers.

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Upper Year Fall

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Upper Year Winter Program - Global Gateways

  • A Study Abroad opportunity like no other. Combine classroom learning in small classes with site-specific practical experiences.

  • Immerse yourself in your studies.Take five courses over a 12-week term, each packed with engaging experiential learning opportunities. 

  • Participate in exciting collaborative international learning opportunities, in partnership with UK universities, such as the University of Sussex and the Matariki Network.

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Specialised Program in International Law and Politics (Winter)

  • A truly unique program. Base yourself in a 15th century castle and explore international criminal law and the law of armed conflict.

  • Examine the phenomenon of genocide and other forms of mass violence in historical and contemporary contexts.

  • Learn from instructors with real-world experience working in key governmental and supra-governmental institutions including the UK Foreign Office, Canadian Forces, and the United Nations.

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