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Queen's Students

The good news is that as a Queen’s student you do not need to apply in the traditional sense to study at Bader College. All you need to do is make sure you submit the Campus Change Form indicating which program you are interested in attending.

Please note, if you have any outstanding fees on your SOLUS account you will have to pay your outstanding fees before your application can be evaluated.

Download a Campus Change Form


Non-Queen's Students

Non-Queen’s students will need to apply online through Queen’s University’s Undergraduate Admission Online Application Portal for Bader College’s Fall, Winter, and Summer term programs.

Please note, Bader College is currently upgrading its application portal for better applicant experience! While we make this transition and upgrade our application portal, please review the correct application process for your desired Fall, Winter, or Summer Program below.

Fall Term Programs

To apply to Bader College’s Fall term programs, please complete the online application here. Once you have completed your application, you will receive a confirmation email from the Bader College team with next steps on completing your application.

Winter and Summer Term Programs

To apply to Bader College’s Winter 2024 or Summer 2024 programs, please submit the Online Web Application and complete the Program Selection form. Once your application is received, Bader College’s Senior Admission Coordinator will provide a receipt of your application and required documents in support of your application.

You should also check your eligibility to study abroad and obtain a Letter of Permission at your home institution. This is usually coordinated by the study abroad office or your home faculty at your university or college.

You should also ensure that you meet the English Language Requirements for admission. Based on the documentation submitted in support of your application, you may be requested to provide an English language proficiency test.

After You Apply

Students in the LabAfter you have completed your application, submit your university transcript and English Language proficiency test scores (if requested) to

Required documents should be submitted to Bader College ( as soon as possible, and:

  • By July 7 for the Fall Program.
  • By May 7 for Fall Health Sciences.
  • By November 25 for Winter Programs.
  • By April 1 For Summer Programs.

Important! Please note:

You will require a passport to enter the UK. Please ensure that you have a valid passport, or your passport will not expire during your period of study. As a rule, you should not begin your travel with a passport that will expire within 6 months of your return to your home country after your studies.

If you have any questions about application and document deadlines, programs, or next steps, please email the Bader College Admission team at

Accepting your Offer of Admission

Check your emails! Eligible students for Bader College’s upper year programs will receive an offer of admission by email. To accept your offer of admission you will need to email confirming your acceptance by the deadline outlined in your offer of admission.

Please note, non-Queen’s students who receive an offer of admission for Fall term programs will accept their offer of admission in their application portal. Non-Queen’s students who receive an offer of admission for Winter and Summer term programs will accept their offer of admission by emailing confirming their acceptance.

What is a Letter of Permission?

A Letter of Permission (LOP) is an official document issued by your home institution. The LOP allows you to take courses for credit at Bader College for a specified semester/program, transferring the credits back to your home institution for the purpose of completing your university degree.

Your academic advisor or the person issuing the LOP will typically look at the course content and your current transcript to assess whether you will be academically prepared for the course/program. Pre-requisite courses listed on the Bader College website are therefore not necessarily mandatory for non-Queen's students, but may be used as part of the assessment process by your home institution when granting an LOP. We will also make admission decisions based on current transcripts, but please note that without an LOP you may not be able to transfer credits back to your home institution.

Upper Year Programs & Admission Requirements

Minimum eligibility for Bader College’s upper year program requires students to have a minimum 1.6 CUM GPA, be in good academic standing, and have level 2 standing or above.

For program-specific admission requirements, please refer to the individual program pages on our website.

Browse Upper Year Program pages

Application Deadlines:Alert Box

  • Fall Health Sciences: Opens August 1 - Closes April 31

  • Other Fall Programs: Opens August 1 - Closes July 1

  • Winter Term Programs: Opens January 15 - Closes November 15

  • Summer Term Programs: Opens May 1 - Closes March 31

Useful Links to prepare for Bader College:

Funding is available for upper year Queen's and Non-Queen's students alike to help fund your Bader College experience.

Will you need a Standard Visitor Visa and/or a Schengen Visa?

Visit our "Preparing for Bader College" section on this website for info on how to plan your travel.