The Student Experience

A view looking down on the Drawbridge

Unique surroundings

Located in the county of East Sussex, the setting of some of England’s most important historical events such as the Norman invasion and the Battle of Britain in WWII, the beautiful campus and accessible location provide the perfect backdrop for an immersive Study Abroad experience.

Students in the CourtyardComplementing Herstmonceux Castle is the newly-opened science and innovation lab, situated between the Castle and the student residence. These labs have been purpose built to provide the 21st century labs that students need and expect of a university campus and offers spaces for scientists and innovators to develop their learning. The addition of science programs means our campus has an interesting mix of students studying arts, sciences, humanities and health sciences - just like any other university campus! 

The student residence, Bader Hall, is a 5-minute walk from the Castle and contains study spaces, meeting spaces, common rooms, a music practice room and adjoins a gym with a small sports hall, cardio and weight rooms.

Living at Bader College is a whole new experience, providing the opportunity to make new friends and be part of a close community. It is also the chance to find your independence and establish a way of living that suits you. we seamlessly integrate strong academic programming with a coordinated and supportive approach to student life. Our on-site professional staff, including a full-time Student Success & Learning Development Advisor, offer academic skills-building sessions to help you plan your studies and manage your time effectively, as well as group and on-to-one study support workshops in areas such as essay writing and effective revision strategies.

Students in the Folly GardenA real sense of community

As part of a small community totalling a maximum of 175 students at any one time, you will be able to participate in a wide range of activities, such as choir, clubs, and intramurals. These will enable you to develop both your self-confidence and the life skills which will support you throughout university and into the workplace. We also offer career-ready workshops, and more, to ensure student success inside and outside of the classroom.

We offer many forms of support to make your life in Residence comfortable, safe and engaging. And don't forget - residence is guaranteed for all students who are accepted to a program at Bader College. Use the pages in this section to find out more about the services available to you, where you can hang out with friends, where to eat and how to go about moving in (and out).