Safety & Security

Flags over the Castle

A safe community

The Bader College campus has a dedicated 24/7 security team, helping to provide safe and secure living spaces – but you also share responsibility for keeping our campus safe.

Please remember:

  • Do not prop open doors to our buildings
  • Do not leave your door unlocked or dead-bolted
  • Do not give your key to anyone else
  • Do not let unescorted non-students follow you into the residence building, or the Castle itself
  • Do report any strangers, or suspicious activity to Reception

Campus security provides many services for the Castle, including escorted walks, and lifts to and from Bader Hall Residence. Students can easily contact security by phone, the Queen’s security app, or via the campus Blue Light System.

Blue LightThe Blue Light System

Lampposts are located around the estate that have emergency help buttons on them. The emergency help buttons are easily identified on campus by their yellow boxes with a large red button. They are located on the most frequently travelled routes to create better access to emergency services along those areas. When the red button is pushed, the security team is alerted and will respond to the exact location where the button is activated.

Walkhome Service

If you pulled a late study session in the Library and don't want to walk home alone, escorted walks and lifts to and from Bader Hall are available to students. To arrange this service please call reception at extension 4400. The service is available between dusk and sunrise.

Staying Safe while Travelling

Our Student Services Team are compiling a comprehensive list of great places to see and things to do while you are in the UK to ensure your visit remains a once in a lifetime experience. Prior to leaving on independent travel, sign-out at Bader Reception indicating when you are traveling and returning, where you will be, and your contact information. Please also inform a friend of your travel plans.

As with any activity there can be risks when studying abroad - maybe it's the direction of traffic, navigating public transport or not knowing your way around a city. That doesn't mean you shouldn't study abroad! The best way you can remain safe is to know what the risks are, be aware, be responsible, and follow the advice of Queen's and Bader College staff.

Your safety is of paramount importance and so to help keep you safe, all students at Bader College are required to comply with Queen's University's Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP), through which students are enrolled in the Emergency Support Program (ESP). 

The Emergency Support Program seeks to:Travel

  • Raise awareness of participants around risks and responsibilities of study/work/travel abroad
  • Provide emergency support to participants
  • Safeguard institution in matters pertaining to legal liability
  • Work with the Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP) to support all study/work/travel abroad participants.

You are strongly encouraged to register with your home country’s embassy in the UK. Canadians can register online with Global Affairs Canada.