Emergency Procedures


The Emergency Support Program (ESP)

Students attending the Castle are required to create and complete a low-risk activity record in the Off-campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP), and submit it at least 3 weeks prior to departure.

For help access the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) pages on the Queen's website. This OCASP record can be accessed and used by the Emergency Support Program to assist you while abroad. Completion of this record requires you to participate in the Queen’s pre-departure orientation (included in the on-line process noted above).

When students complete an OCASP record, they will be given the opportunity to appoint one or two designated emergency contacts. In the event of an emergency, Queen’s University can contact that person(s) on the student's behalf. Students should be sure to inform their designated emergency contacts about this. Emergency Support Program participants normally are informed by Queen’s, via email, of emergency circumstances that may directly, or indirectly impact their health or safety.

Emergency Contact CardPlease note:

Creating an OCASP requires a NetID login. All Queen’s students should already have a NetID. Your NetID is the first part of your Queen’s email address; so for example, if your email address is 1abc2@queensu.ca, your NetID is 1abc2.

Before you leave for the Castle you will receive an Emergency Contact Card from Queen’s University. The information contained on this card can also be accessed online at Your Safety Abroad. If you are in need of emergency support while abroad this card will allow you, or someone acting on your behalf, to contact Queen’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week, collect.

The telephone number is +1 (613) 533-6111 and, as noted above, collect calls will be accepted. Calling the emergency number will initiate the emergency protocol at Queen’s University, which will aim to support you in dealing with the emergency at hand in an efficient and effective manner, and with the interests of you and your family as the top priority.