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​Biostatistics Alumni 

Please click on the drop-downs below to find information on Biostatistics Alumni. The information provided includes: supervisor(s), project/placement, educational background, and positions after graduation.

Biostatistics '13

Li Liu Li Liu

Educational Background: Doctorate (Chemical Engineering), University of Waterloo 2009. Doctorate (Chemical Physics), Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China, 2001, BSc (Chemical Engineering), Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China, 1992            ​
Supervisor: Keyue Ding ​
Position after Graduation: Research Associate and Data Scientist: KFL&A Health Unit

Jia Wang JIa Wang

Educational Background: MSc (Biology), University of Toronto 2009. BSc (Biotechnology), Shanghai Jiaotong University, China 2006.
Supervisor: Bingshu Chen
Project Title: "Joint Modeling of Binary Response and Survival Data in Clinical Trials"
Position after Graduation: Biostatistician; Population Health Research Institute

Sahir Bhatnagar  Sahir Bhatnagar

Educational Background: BSc (Actuarial Mathematics
Supervisor: Devon Lin and Paul Peng
Project Title: "Absolute risk estimation in a case-cohort study of prostate cancer:"
Position after Graduation: PhD student, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University

Scarlett Kazimer  Scarlett Kazimer

Educational Background: BSc (Major: Mathematics and Statistics, Minor: Art History)
Supervisor: Wenyu Jiang
Project Title: "Sample-size planning for detecting treatment-biomarker interaction in clinical trials"
Position after Graduation: PhD student, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University

Rachel Zhang Rachel Zhang

Educational Background: BSCH (Major: Life Sciences, Minor: Mathematics and Statistics),
Supervisor:Dongsheng Tun
Project Title: "Analyses of Biomarkers, Quality of Life and Health Preference Data from Cancer Clinical Trials"
Position after Graduation: Biostatistician, University of Glasgow

Biostatistics '12

Diana Martins  Diana Martins

Educational Background: BSc (Major: Life Sciences, Minor: Mathematics and Statistics), Queens 2010
Supervisor: Judy-Anne Chapman
Project Title: "Statistically Standardized Measures of Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors (ER, PR), and HER2 for Primary Adjuvant Breast Cancer"
Position after Graduation: Statistician/ Program; Chronic Disease and Pharmacotherapy Group at ICES Central

Yongwei Liu  Yongwei Liu

Educational Background: BComp (Major: Biomedical Computing); BSc (Statistics)
Supervisor: Dongsheng Tu
Project Title: "Quality control and SAS programming in the management and analysis of clinical trial data"
Position after Graduation: SAS programmer, PRACS Institute

Biostatistics '11

Katelyn Balchin Katelyn Balchin

Educational Background: BEd (Math and Biology, I/S Qualified), Queen's University 2010; BSc (Math and Biology), Trent 2009​
Supervisor: Drs. Wenyu Jiang and Bingshu Chen​
Project Title: "Effect of Fresh Red Blood Cell Transfusions on Clinical Outcomes in Premature, Very Low-Birth-Weight Infants" (Journal of American Medical Association, Oct 2012)​
Position after Graduation: Statistician, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Anjali Kulkarni  ​

Educational Background: BSc (Major: Mathematics, Minor: Nutritional Sciences), University of Guelph 2010.
Supervisors: Paul Peng and Wenyu Jiang
Project Title: "Assessment of Predictive Accuracy of Mixture Cure Models"
Position after Graduation: Medical Student; University of Toronto

Brianne Wood

Educational Background: BSc (Mathematics), Queen's 2010
Supervisor: Dongsheng Tu
Place of Practicum: Ontario Health Study
Position after Graduation: Scientific Officer; Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital

Biostatistics '10

Nianping Hu 

Educational Background: PhD (Molecular Biology), Hunan Medical University, China 1999.
Supervisors: Keyue Ding and Judy-Anne Chapman
Project Title: "The Comparison of log-normal with Cox Model Estimates for the Adjuvant Colon Cancer Endpoints (ACCENT) databases"
Position after Graduation: Statistician; Department of Health Policy and Management, University of Pittsburg

Wenbin Li 

Educational Background: PhD (Crop Genetics and Breeding), South China University of Tropical Agriculture 2000.
Supervisor: Bingshu Chen
Place of Practicum: NCIC Clinical Trials Group
Position after Graduation: Research Analyst; Saskatchewan Health Quality Council